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Build Your Own Racing Tadpole Recumbent Trike!

The Warrior is one fast and great looking DIY Tadpole Trike that you can make using only basic tools and parts.

There isn't one machined part on the entire trike, and it is just made from basic bicycle parts and mild steel tubing.

You can build your own hot looking trike using only basic skills and tools, and our plans take you through the entire build from beginning to end.

178 Pages – 210 Photos – PDF Download

A "Tadpole" Trike has two wheels in the Front, with the cranks placed ahead of the front wheels. This design is considered to be most stable for high speed cornering and handling as it creates a shorter wheelbase and low center of gravity.

Build This Trike With Basic Tools and Parts.

We design our plans so that anyone with a desire to build can make their own great looking DIY tadpole trike

Every single step of the build is shown in great detail, and the plans assume you have only the basic tools such as a hand drill, angle grinder, and a any basic welder.

Only common bicycle parts are used, and the the frame is made from basic steel square tubing. No experience necessary to build!

Although the entire trike is made using only basic steel tubing and recycled bicycle components, nothing about it looks homemade. The Warrior Racing Trike offers many features not found on a commercially produced trike costing many times more.

Full Disc Brakes and Responsive Under Seat Steering.

This trike was made for speed, and it is as fun to ride as it looks. Hit the corners at full speed, and leave those uprights in the dust!

With its low and reclined recumbent seating position, you will have an aerodynamic advantage as well as the ability to push hard on the cranks.

With 15 or more speeds you can easily switch between full out racing mode to hill climbing mode with the flick of a lever.

All of the components require to make the tadpole trike steering system are fully detailed, only requiring basic tools and parts. You will be able to create an amazing tadpole trike on a very minimal budget, even if it's your first build.

Stable Riding, Comfortable Seating, and Disc Brakes.

The Warrior DIY Tadpole Trike has everything that the expensive store bought trikes have, except the high price tag.

Dual or Triple Disc brakes will provide almost instant stopping for all types of riding conditions.

The under seat linked steering will provide extremely stable handling no matter how you ride. Racing into corners, dodging city traffic, or just enjoying that long country commute.

The square tubing frame makes cutting and welding easier since most cuts will be straight. The plan describes in great detail how to make every single part, many of which can be salvaged from old bicycles.

Hey, Where Did You Buy That Hot Looking Trike?

You will often have a hard time convincing anyone that you built your trike using basic parts and on a small budget!

There is also plenty of room in the plan to add your own cool modifications, making a truly unique DIY trike of your own styling.

Change the color, change the seat, add a luggage rack. You could even add an electric motor and create a DIY Electric Trike for commuting.

All of the parts required to make the tadpole trike steering system can be salvaged from old bikes or purchased from any bicycle shop. The steering is easy to build and setup, with room for user design mods.

Push The Limits While Getting a great Workout.

It's hard not to work your human engine on a trike like this! You will want to hit every corner at high speed and pass all the other bikes while out riding.

Being so low to the ground and laid back means that you have a huge aerodynamic advantage over your upright buddies. They will work hard to keep up to you in a wind.

Recumbent seating is far more comfortable than upright seating, so The Warrior DIY Tadpole Trike also makes a great long commuter.

There are no special tools or skills required to build this trike. Take as long as you like and use new or recycled bicycle parts. You can build a trike like this for the cost of a few tanks of gas in your SUV!

Rides as Good as it Looks!

Once you experience the joy of riding a recumbent trike, you will never go back to the old upright style bike!

You can relax and look around without having to hold your head upwards, and you will not have the usual pains associated with upright bicycle seats.

There is plenty of room on the trike for the addition of luggage bags, a carrying rack, and even a power assist motor.

Can you build a trike like this with no previous experience? Yes you can! In fact, many of our builders were first time DIYers when they started this fun hobby. These plans assume you are not an expert, so anyone can follow along.

Stop Wishing You Had One, and Get Building!

A few hours a day in front of the TV, or a few hours a day in your workshop... easy choice!

Building a sleek trike is almost as fun as riding it, so once you start your trike building journey, you will be hooked.

Customize your DIY Trike to suit your style. Our plans are very easy to modify or even mix together for a completely unique design.

Build it, test it, paint it, ride it! It takes a lot less effort than you might think to ride out of your workshop on a great looking, fast, and comfortable DIY Tadpole Racing Trike. Clear off a space on your workbench and start building!

Customize your DIY ride!

Our Plans are For Everyone!

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178 Pages – 210 Photos – PDF Download