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Spammers are Parasites of The Digital World.

Like all parasitic creatures, spammers rely on a host in order to survive. Rather than contributing anything useful to this world, or acquiring any real skill in life, they look for an easy buck to be made off the backs of those who actually work for a living. This type of person truly wastes our precious oxygen for every pathetic breath they take.

Spammers were born this way, and all aspects of their meaningless existence, past and present are also hollow. The websites and products they attempt to promote often match the spammer’s personality… empty and void of any creativity and usefulness to this world. Fake meds, boiler room garbage essay writers, worthless diplomas, all wrapped up in a cookie cutter website ready to snatch your personal information.

Spammers have cost me many hours on the internet, thanks to their refusal to become productive members of the human race. Idiotic captchas that make me click away on fuzzy fire hydrants and street signs, endless delete key pressing in my email, and continued pruning of their drivel in my forum.

I truly wish I could make them pay for my aggravation, but I am not ready to go to jail for in a “Boondock Saints” style cleansing! I do smile ear to ear when I read cases of others tracking down these worthless spamming losers for a bit of face to face justice though. It has happened, and I do approve!

Anyhow, I hate spammers with every single ounce of my being, and wish only the absolute worst fate upon them all. I would deliver it personally if they stood before me.

I will terminate spam in my forum with extreme prejudice, and even spend some time in retaliation on their pathetic websites. Low Orbit Canon, reciprocal spam email bombs, web exploits, etc.

One day, perhaps the force will balance and they will all get what they truly deserve.
Until then, I will continue to wear out my delete key with my middle finger raised high!


I support this kind of thing wholeheartedly…

Kudos to the hero that removed this parasite from the planet!

– Radical Brad