welding using 45 degree cuts

Checking the frame for 90 degree corners.

To make a frame, corners are all cut at 90 degrees so that no open end of the tubing is exposed to the elements once welded. Making a rectangular frame from round tubing is more challenging than using square tube, but this is what I had to work with, and it will match the stairs I made. Angles are all checked for 90 degrees using the square at each corner.

adding the deck

The top of the laundry table.

I also had a piece of hog panel screen laying around which I welded to the frame to complete the table. All of this metal is galvanized. Welding it was a bit of an annoyance, but it will be very weather resistant, only needing paint in the welded areas. Galvanized welding gives of toxic fumes. Weld outdoors and hold your breath if you must do it!

welding galvanized tubing

Hinges for the swinging laundry table.

The laundry table will swing out of the open space in the stair railing and is tucked out of the way when not in use. To make this work, I added small flatbar pieces at the top end of the table which will act as hinges to allow the table to swing up or down.

laundry table hinge

The receiving hinge on the stair railing.

One side of the hinge needed to fasten to the angled stair railing. I made this bracket out of more one inch flatbar. The other end of the hinge was directly fastened to a vertical railing post, since it was parallel to the side of the table. The long bolts will be trimmed when everything is completed.

laundry table folding leg

The laundry table in the upright position.

The laundry table worked well, swinging out of the way of the stairs, yet strong enough for me to sit on. The table is large enough for one laundry basket, which is placed conveniently for easy reaching without having to bend over. The position of the table also stops the launderer from accidentally backing up down the stairs when in use, so it serves multiple purposes.

folding leg hinge

The foldable laundry table leg.

Just like any folding table, the laundry table has a hinged leg that can tuck underneath for storage. I made the leg out of a one inch diameter piece of galvanized conduit, and the hinges from more of the one inch flatbar. A single bolt creates the hinge between the leg and the flatbar pieces.

leg capturing clamp

The folding leg capturing device.

To prevent the leg from swinging in the breeze when folded, I made this simple yet effective capturing device by bending up some 3/4” flatbar into a spring like jaw. The jaws press snugly against the leg tubing, holding it firmly in place so the leg is captured when the table is parked away.

rain sheild made of sheet metal

This will become the rain and snow guard.

Since the drive motor is sitting out in the elements on top of the pole, I decided to make a rain and snow guard to keep the motor and drive wheel free from moisture. The motor is from an outdoor power chair, so I think the motor is designed for any weather; however, this guard will certainly help keep it from rusting.

painting accessories

Final painting of the laundry table and accessories.

The weather has been all over the place here. I am doing the outside work while I can and working on the wiring indoors. There was a break in the rain, so I finished painting the rest of the accessories, including the laundry table, which is painted silver to match the stair railing tubing. The rain shield was primed and painted to hold up in the elements.

automotive relays and pvc box

Gathering parts to make the user control box.

The forward and reverse circuit only requires a pair of push button switches and automotive relays to make it function. All parts will easily fit into an outdoor PVC electrical box. For now, I also decided to go with a DC power supply instead of a battery just to get the laundry line up and running as quickly as possible. This old 12 volt car battery charger will function as a DC power supply until I can replace it with a similar sized battery and a solar panel to keep the battery charged.

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