Which steering option for tadpole or quad?

Aug 15, 2010
Hutt Valley, New Zealand
The AZ plans with two front wheels have two different steering linkage designs:
  1. Warrior and Viking: drag link rod connecting the two front wheels to each other, then a separate link rod from the handlebar pivot to one wheel.
  2. Streetfighter: two short rods connecting the wheels with a centre conductor, then a link rod from the handlebar pivot to the centre conductor.
From reading the plans both designs allow for Ackerman angles. Is there any reason to prefer one design over the other? All I can think of is that the Streetfighter design may clash if the chain also passes through the same space.

But if the centre conductor doesn't clash with the chain and it's close to the seat, the handlebars and centre conductor could share a common pivot.
Oct 19, 2012
Wakefield, UK
Many a tadpole has been built with the Streetfighter style steering and common pivot. Both types work perfectly well so long as correct Ackerman engineering is employed.