Threadless forks into threaded headtube?

Feb 3, 2017
What do you rekon is the best way to do this?
I have some forks with special attachments on the wheel ends for pedal wheel and i want this but its threadless. I got this as a scrap peice with no headset. I haven't seen this style before and i want to use a 'normal' threaded headtube for it.
Any suggestions other than cut forks in half and weld to other half of compatible forks?
Feb 7, 2008
Nottinghamshire England
Hi there

Well couple of options spring to mind ?

bearing in mind it may not be the right length anyway ?

cut off the not threaded head tube close to the bottom.
cut a piece out of it about 2" and cut a 1/2" wide slit length wise in it then hammer it into the fork part you want , leaving 1" sticking out do some welding underneath to restrain it.
cut a threaded head tube to the length you desire , 1/2 " from bottom of it drill 2 x 8mm holes on opposite sides
hammer that over stub weld through 8mm holes to stub , then when straight do the weld around the outside , with the stub that is now 1/4" thick and so easy to get plenty of penetration.

else taking to a local bike shop and ask if they can thread it for you ?
most now days don't make bikes and so don't have cutting die's for a job like that , they only have some flimsy ' clean up ' dies to try and rescue customers forks with damaged threads ?

good luck with it Paul