Techniques for Faring Building

Jul 29, 2021
Hey AZers

Just starting to think ahead a few months when I hope to commence the body of my Pedal Car. I have seen coroplast, fiberglass, aluminum types of faring built for velocycles. I am comfortable with wood and less so with fiberglass, but I am very keen to hear what others have done and how in the body building (not weight lifting) areas of your projects. Here is what HAPE 04 did, check out his project at 1:33.

thanks to HAPE and all who weigh in and support my efforts.

Feb 7, 2008
Nottinghamshire England
Hi there

What about this ? a modular velomobile

I have some construction photographs on my other computer it is from a German velomobile forum.
So the idea is to in the summer just run with the rear fairing and in the winter add the front and side skirts , I though it could be made to fit the Python so am working on a rear faring first.

This may be of interest ? Agilo velomobile

or this

Cedar strip velomobile

I can scan these in hi res if it helps ?