Straight Cross Boom/Axle for Streetfox... Help...

Apr 20, 2021
I'm in the process of building a Streetfox. I would very much like to use a straight one piece Cross Boom or Axle vs the V shaped one in the Plans. I am having a little trouble deciding where to mount it. I need to mount as far forward as possible, but still able to sit down and stand up without interfering with the back of my legs.

Anyone have any photos of a Streetfox with a Straight Cross Boom/Axle?
Also wondering about seat dimensions and designs. Pics would really help.
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Sep 16, 2018
It isn't a streetfox, but I used a straight boom on it.

This is my second build.
My first build has also a straight boom, but that one is harder to get on and off, because it has a longer wheelbase.
To solve it, I moved the seat a bit forward and made a bit shorter wheelbase.
By moving the seat forward a bit, I still kept a surten wheelbase length.

There is one thing that you need to look out for and that are the handle bars.
I think that on the streetfox, it is less of a problem, because you sit higher and your hands will be higher up.
Your hands will be closer to the wheels. But because you dit higher, you can move your hands up higher do they are clear from the tires.
Oct 19, 2012
Wakefield, UK
Pay attention to the arc your heel will move through when pedalling. Too far forward and your heel will hit the cross tube. There's been plenty done though so it's obvious it can be.