spirit,highroller or tomahawk

Mar 13, 2020
hello,of these three,which would be the easiest to learn to ride,which would be the speediest in your opinion.i,m 6 foot 200 pounds.am i too big for one of them.hopefully soon i,ll be done with the delta wolf,greatly looking forward to it.don,t know how speedy it will be but it looks the part.thanks in advance
Feb 7, 2008
Nottinghamshire England
Well of course that depends where you are coming from ?

Question 1 have you ever ridden a 2 wheeled recumbent ? I suspect from the Question the answer is no ?

What every recumbent you chose to ride the easiest to learn will not be fast ! or if it is fast it will have a learning curve like crawling up the north face of the Eiger on your hands and knees !

What makes a recumbent difficult for a novice to learn to ride is :-

High pedals - compared to seat and ground
Lots tiller
Low - seat compared to ground
Laid back seat position
Short wheel base

So :-

Spirit has - High pedals - lot's tiller
Tomahawk - Low - laid back seat position - moderate tiller
High Roller - High pedals - lot's tiller - laid back seat position - high

The more of these attributes a recumbent has the more time it will take to master , if you build one of Brads bikes [ AND FOLLOW THE PLANS !! ] least you know the general design has been built and ridden by other people , so when you can't ride it should just be a matter of practice ?

In the world of commercial recumbent's somethink like this is considered a get on and ride recumbent for novices - almost vice-less and easy to start off on.

Pedals lower than seat and close to ground - seat relatively upright and minimal tiller - nice long wheelbase.

If you look in the Tutorials there are 2 recumbent's more suited to learning to ride , one of these bikes ?

Bandito and one just called Short Wheeled Recumbent

all the best Paul
Mar 13, 2020
thanks stormbird for the reply.you are right,ive never rode a recumbent.im building the delta wolf,but that is three wheels.i have more plans ive purchased from brad.thanks for breaking it down for me,so i know the challenges.i'm leaning towards the tomahawk as it look comfortable and areo while keeping the the feet not so high.i've rode a df for about 500 miles now, but can,t get used to the riding postion and numb parts.thanks again