Show Us Your One Minute Tour Video!

Radical Brad

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Mar 13, 1999
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada
I thought it would be cool to see what the scenery looks like in everyone's backyard or favorite nearby riding trail.
Post your One Minute Tour to Youtube or Facebook and share it here!

This is my entry, a tour around our property. Redneck style!
My ride starts off in the backyard trail, exits on the road that splits our land, then continues way up to the top of the hill and back down.
We live in Gillies, Ontario, which is 1500 feet above sea level, so I have an amazing hill to blast down.
My speed record is well over 80Km/Hr, and that is without any aerodynamic fairing.

Look forward to seeing your backyard!



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Apr 21, 2009
Minnesota, Twin Cities
I love that Brad! We love redneck too... Out in the sticks and cranberry area.

I built a 2nd home in Northern Wisconsin which my family uses as a cabin. (4 hrs south of Brad and Kats) This is our families get crazy with tools and brainstorming inventions turf.
There we have a few minibikes built for the grandkids. We adult men (3 son in laws and I ) thought we needed a minibike too. While we were building it we figured it should be able to do 60+ mph though. 2 speed jackshaft that shifted at 35 mph. With high speed tires, bearings and HD axles etc of course. 6 hrs later we were riding this.
LOL We better take it down a few notches and start wearing a helmet. This little thing is way to fast for it's size.....A helmet is a good idea. There was no alcohol involved until after, with a lot of laughs. We didn't even blow up anything either. Well, that was the next day with fertilizer and diesel fuel removing a few tree stumps.

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