resetting Avid BB7 disc calipers - yes odd question !

Feb 7, 2008
Nottinghamshire England
Hi there

I have a pair of brand new BB7 disc calipers , they were almost fitted to a MBB trike I was building however that has been put onto the back burner for a while.
So when trying to fit them I remember juggling with spacing washer on the mounts and having to screw the fixed pad in or out a little till they were in the correct place to work , however it was never tried on the road.

Question how do I locate the default start position ? as I now want to mount them on the rear of the Mk1 Python trike frame ?
I realise if I get that wrong I may end up with very little screw adjustment to take up the wear and so not be able to use up all the pad material before the pads need changing ?

regards Paul