QUote missing ? picture loading

Feb 7, 2008
Nottinghamshire England
Hi Brad & Kat

has the quote button disappeared ? can't remember where it was however can't find it either :D

OK for some reason on this Forum it is called Reply ? Why I have no idea as when you hover over it it says Reply quoting this message ?

few problems loading pictures from a postimg.cc address sometimes the load bar is up for ages then it fails telling me to either retry of contact Admin ?
seems I can have 4 or 5 goes sometimes before the picture appears , when it does appear it seems almost instant ?

this not a major problem of course unless it is a fore runners of something worse about to happen.

all the best Paul

ps forgot to say Chromebook and not tried clearing cache ?

pps long live Linux
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May 31, 2013
South Benfleet, Essex, England, UK
Hmmmm...... to get "any" text included in a quote I just select it and a "reply" button automatically appears to the right and below it.

Have had the same issue with images and for me it is only when trying to insert multiple images at once. Single images are always fine?

Radical Brad

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Mar 13, 1999
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada
I would say yes to both questions.

Yes, this forum has never had a quote button, just reply.
And yes, I would assume that like all free hosts other than flickr perhaps, they will eventually break.

Seems those host sites have a lifespan of about 5 years or so.
The delay could just be propagation between you and them though, since the forum has to pull the image from their site to display it.

Wish I could host them here, but it is just not in my budget at this time.
As it is, I already have to up this package by the end of the year... now at 70% full.

So all is well at this point though... reply works, and that .cc site is up for now.