Parts thread…

Apr 10, 2022
When I setout on the project I decided on a budget..

After looking for BMX wheels with a 14mm hubs decided quickly that new ones were in order And I also wanted a decent sealed bottom bracket. Other then that and a few consumables, like cables everything was going to be second hand.

I’ve been scouring eblag as you do and one think I wanted was a 7 speed rear mech… now I had a few in mind but most such as Lx, Xt or Xtr are big money. As for the new ones they seemed a bit cheap and plasticky. Or are really big money… LX ones may be old but they were well made and can take a hammering.

However I managed to find on eblag a LX mech and shifters for £5 plus £3 postage.
When it arrives it looked like it had been sent in mud!
I stripped it and cleaned it up, it was scratched but had a load of life still. The springs were strong and it cleaned up nicely.
I then treated it to a set of new Rollerboys Jockey wheels, to help with the smooth change.

Everything else I’m using will be stripped completely and cleaned, greased and put back together.

But my rear mech is something I’m really pleased with.
Sep 17, 2020
When I finished my first build, the parts I didn't like were the ones I salvaged. I had a newly arranged old trike. The next two trikes I built I used as many affordable new parts as I could, cables, shifters, brakes, etc. and have slowly replaced them on my first trike as well. I found that it was neat to say I built this from salvaged parts/bikes, but it wasn't the quality I wanted it to be in the end.