'New Post' expiry

Nov 9, 2011
Banglen, Thailand and a little bit Reading, UK
Got my pedantic hat on - be warned.

On the old forum, I mostly had a quick butchers at new posts without logging in, and I think they were set up on there to roll off the queue after maybe 2 or three days, some days showing no new posts. The new forum has new posts showing from over a week ago, so wondering if they are meant to roll off same as before? Logging on splits them into 2 groups - updated posts and old posts not updated, which I think was the same before.

Just being picky I know, but apart from that it all looks great. I'm assuming I no longer have to use Postimage, not that I had any issues with it. I'll let things settle down a while, then have a go at loading up pics of my previous projects into some gallery folders.

Have got another build kicking around the old noggin, but the temperature here is rising such that it might be delayed for some time. Will be heading back to UK end of March for a few weeks, so at least some respite from the heat and humidity.......🥵