Greetings from California

Sep 3, 2017
Northern California
Hello! I am glad to see the new and improved forum. I have been sitting on some AZ plans for at least 10 years now, lol, and I must have registered here at least twice but never actually posted anything! I am hoping to finally get started this spring with building a Meridian, and progress from there.

One question I wanted to put out there: has anyone had success with a 120v MIG welder? I currently have a 240v Harbor Freight rig and a gas bottle, but I don’t currently have easy access to a 240v outlet. I’m also given to understand that spare parts for the Harbor Freight stuff are harder to come by than for a name brand setup.

Looking forward to many bike building discussions!
Sep 12, 2012
Apple Valley, California, USA
Hi Ian

Welcome from down in Apple Valley.

A number of new members ask similar questions about welding equipment. Myself included.
You will find many threads on this exact subject, with many opinions.

Look in the "Old AZ Forum Archive". Look under 'Welding Equipment and Tips'

After learning as much as I can, 'Youtube', about various welders, and weeding out the 'hardcore' brand loyalists,
I checked the specifications, of the most popular welders, as well as some others that I thought might be of good quality.
Especially the amperage of 25-140. I weld on thin gauge frequently, so wanted the lower setting of 25 amps.
I used a dedicated, 120 volt, 20 amp circuit. With my new shop in the works, 'A New Shed for ED', I now use my dedicated 120 volt, 30 amp RV circuit.

I learned the difference real quick between flux core and MIG. Now I MIG weld everything.
I started with a 'learners' Harbor Freight flux core model, just to get started. Long story short, I finally decided on a Hobart 140.
That was in November 2013, and I still love it. Though the new HF Vulcan looks to be a nice machine.

Bought my Hobart from Northern Tool. > MIG + Flux Core Welding > Wirefeed Welders&utm_campaign=Hobart&utm_content=15165&&cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=google_PLA&utm_campaign=&mkwid=sCUGeeTnk&pcrid=39155627516&devicetype=c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-Z36t9-j4QIVkxx9Ch3nuwLLEAQYAyABEgKojfD_BwE

I made a game of it, back then....Game closed now, but my 'My Deciding Factors', are listed in the thread.

Good luck with your search for the welder that will work for you.
And looking forward to your Meridian build, AND ! the photos that we Zombies need to feed on.
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Apr 15, 2013
Washington state
I myself tried a Lincoln century mig welder and after it gave up the dust (1 year) I bought a reconditioned Hobart that runs on 110v no problem. Am using flux core no big deal.
RUN fast from HF, anything electrical especially.