May 26, 2011
Dover, Kent England

College days :- Rockwell AIM 65 - 6502 m/c
First owned - Acorn Atom - Basic
2nd - Atari 400 - hard membrane keyboard - Basic/6502 m/c
3rd - Atari 800 - proper keyboard just died :-( - Basic/6502 m/c
4th - Atari 1050 IIRC - when running PC emulator had more base memory than a PC 640k in those days - Basic/6502 m/c Forth and C
5th - 286/386 - enough ram [ 4 meg ] to play DOOM deep joy 4 floppies
PC's ever since moved to Linux after XP lost support 10 years + now

all the best Paul

ps SJ sorry for hijack
Nothing to match this list my first computer was an Osborne portable 5 inch Monochome Screen, keyboard in lid, two 51/4 floppy drive to use DOS. Second was a 386 and 3.5 floppy drive. This was 1989-91. Time to go Computer timing me out.
Nov 9, 2011
Banglen, Thailand and a little bit Reading, UK
....well, if you're gonna go all geeky, here you are.....

Sinclair spectrum, early eighties, and had a choice of RAM. I went for the higher model of 48K, thinking I'd never really need that much memory, but just in case. Played ping pong on it, and wrote a few lines of code, but it was enough to get me out of engineering and into IT as a career.

One of the key moments that made me want to go from blue collar to white collar, was a weekend spent welding up some old crock of a car I had back then. A call of nature was needed, and rather than using the grotty old outdoor lavs, I sneaked into the office loo instead, it being the weekend and no one about. What a revelation, no hard tracing paper for clean up operations, but soft, plush tissue paper. I could see straight away the grass was greener on the other side, so soon as I could I'd get me a white collar job.

Now then, what has all this got to do with building a Tomahawk? - nowt.............sorry SJ.

PS - happy St Pats to all ☘

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Mar 13, 1999
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada
I am having a Retro Nerd overload!
Sir Joey is used to the way we all jump around here on the AZ forum... something I often do myself.
Might as well feed it one more time...

Here is my Retro Nerd Cave...

I now have 12 working VIC-20s that I rescued, a working PET from 1978, and some C64s as well.
Yes, a VIC-20 can play Doom!

Some light retro reading...

And when I actually get a free Sunday, this is what I like to do...

VIC-20 Gets a Graphics Upgrade!

Yes, that's a 1981 VIC-20 doing 640x480 VGA with 4096 colors.
One of the many circuits I made using only 1970's logic parts on a hand wired breadboard.

Here is the rest of my insanity...

Retro Projects and Other Insanity

Ok, I will refrain from the non-miniature TomaHawk jabber now!
Don't want to get moderated out by SirJoey!