fat tire delta

Apr 16, 2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Today, Mar21 I took my home made fat tire Delta trike with the blue coro body for a real nice ride. Left my home in Transcona, Manitoba around 12:30 PM and headed to downtown Winnipeg. The outside temp was around 5 below C. The darn thing exceeded my expectations. It is electric assist using a Bafang BBSO2 500 watt mid drive. I have and took a spare 48V battery because well all e assist owners suffer from range anxiety.Felt pac boots, long johns and jeans with a T shirt and sweater on my upper body. Ran it on level 3 and 2nd lowest gear and always was pedalling, averaging 14 kph. It has no floor hence the felt pac footware but inside at no point was it cold. Eerie to see very little traffic, the few people out walking were all keeping well apart. I went to our legislature and though the back way in was gated and the footpath had pylons a security guard moved them to let me onto the drive when I told him I just wanted to take a picture. Except for a couple of grumpy old men I got a lot of thumbs up and smiles from the people who were also out for some fresh air and exercise. Put on about 50 kms, and it was real nice to get outside.