fat delta

Apr 16, 2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Yesterday I checked out my theory about the lith-ion batteries generating heat while in use. The day was mild temp wise, hovering around minus 2 C with a westerly wind gusting 40 to 60 kph. I just went for a short ride, maybe 15 km's. The newer 17.5 AH battery was powering the trike and it was sitting on top of the 2 original batteries on a piece of blue camping foam and also covered with a larger piece of camping foam. I've found the foam to be very useful insulation. Anyway a small round thermometer was placed on top of the battery (under the foam covering) and when I got home the temp was checked. The outside temp was minus 2 the battery was plus 15. So that worked out well and tells me some type of cooling airflow will be needed come summer. I also discovered a useful bit of knowledge about snow conditions and riding a one wheel drive fat tire trike. With the strong winds there were lot's of windblown snowdrifts across the bike path, ranging from 1" to about 5" deep in varying length's. The snow being wind driven was quite dense, left alone after a few day's a person would prob be able to walk on top of it without sinking. Anyway if the drifts were not to long in duration momentum worked very well. On a couple of longer one's all forward progress stopped. Good thing the trike has no floor, it could be walked backward's then hopefully blasted through on the 2nd or 3rd try. Another note - still have not worked out a good clothing routine. A lifetime of dealing with winter weather has me reluctant to dress lightly. this time it was just a sweater over a T shirt and my light high vis jacket with a toque on the head. By the time I got home I was way overheated.