Digging through some ancient photos. DeltaWolf Fairing!

Feb 7, 2008
Nottinghamshire England
I gather you don't have the body build plans?
IIRC someone else doodled that up and it was posted on the forum.

There are very few built like that because you run into difficulties with either :-

a) to hot for some parts of the year
b) unable to keep it demisted for other parts of the year

apparently for a couple of weeks autumn & spring it works well :ROFLMAO:

This is probably more practical ?

Wood delta


Well finished if a little tall ?
Mar 7, 2020
I’d imagine having the aerodynamics of some European designs (being curvy and all) and 3D printing the body to be assembled together.

Take the delta trike design and make it so the rear wheels fit into the back of this style of body, then take the front wheel and put it ahead of the rider’s feet. Something like the DeltaWolf, as a matter of fact.

This might be a little too curvy and made from fiberglass, but the signature for some sort of delta trike version is still there: a windshield towards the back like it is and a possible front wheel ahead of the rider’s feet, and a change up of the rear so it has 2 wheels and possibly a trunk or a powerplant.
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