Bike trailer

Sep 16, 2018
I don't know if this belongs here.

I started to work on my trailer. A few years back I bought a bike trailer made from aluminium. I bought it to put a battery in so I could charge my lipo's for my race drones. Also so I could take all my stuff with me on my bike.

Now because I am mainly riding my trike or building one, I don't really fly anymore.
So I decided to change my plans with the trailer.
It will get a dolar Pannal on top, do I can charge my batteries and the battery that I still place in it for my quads.
But I will also use it for traveling. Now I have my e-assist, the extra weight isn't a problem.

Now I removed the wheels. They will be replaced by new ones with also new tires and inner tubes.
The mounting yo the bike will be lowered and under the bottom, I will ad a box where I can put some stuff. There will also come the battery that stays with the trailer.
The solar panel will be mounted above the trailer do I can put stuf in it without the need yo remove the solar panel.

For now I fix the tires and lower the mounting do I can test if it works. Also ad the mounting on the bottom for extra storage.
The outside will be painted and the rear gets lights and reflectors.
I will post some images tomorrow.