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    Uneven trike front tire wear

    Thanks - I'll check the toe-in as suggested. The wear is on the crown, right in the middle of the tread, at several spots around the tire. Cheers Adrian
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    Uneven trike front tire wear

    On my Warrior trike the left tire is showing distinct signs of wear, while the right and rear tires seem fine. I've got maybe 600km on these tires, fairly heavily loaded and at decent speeds (electric assist). I haven't noticed any issues with handling. I'm wondering if the wear is due to an...
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    Electric Warrior tip

    Yes - I've been meaning to add a little more padding for some time. That strip down the middle makes a big difference.
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    Electric Warrior tip

    Here's the 'after' picture, in commuting mode (with flag, luggage and lights): Steep hills - no problem :)
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    Electric assist added
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    Electric Warrior tip

    If it's a frame-mount battery: do you depend on just the tabs in the baseplate to keep the battery in place? Doesn't seem adequate, I'm planning to add at least a velcro retaining strap are you concerned about water getting into the battery case? The endless-sphere forum recommends drainage...
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    Electric Warrior tip

    I completed my Warrior a few years ago, and am now adding electric assist. Here's the 'before' picture: My battery is 'frame mount', bolts on to standard water bottle holes. I considered laying it on the front boom, but there's not much room between the knees. It just fits behind the seat...
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