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  1. KeganSnow

    I waited a long time for this:)

    Yea now that you guys have pointed it out I see the mechanics of it. So much to learn. Nixing the rear brake altogether seems for the best as I am a bit of a space cadet and will likely forget which one is which. Also the complexity of trying to run two brakes from one brake handle seems wrong...
  2. KeganSnow

    I waited a long time for this:)

    Thanks guys. Good point on the pedals. At 52 I don’t recover from injury as well as I used to. So an once of prevention as it were:) Are there any brands/designs that you might recommend? Yes I am experiencing some steering issues. No real “twitchiness” mainly “warble“ when I do the classic...
  3. KeganSnow

    I waited a long time for this:)

    The seat was bought as a set from amazon for $100. I believe that their original intent was to be bar stools. The second one I’m reupholstering in leather and separating the two halves a bit.
  4. Kegan”s Folly

    Kegan”s Folly

  5. DF5EF2F3-0599-4BEE-8991-94C68CF3A839.jpeg


  6. KeganSnow

    I waited a long time for this:)

    Hello all my name is Kegan (an apology in advance if my post a bit disjointed as I am extremely socially awkward). This is my first build. I’m already dreaming of the next build. Perhaps in aluminum:) I was hopping that if I provided more pics of this build if the community could tell me of any...
  7. Kegan’s folly.

    Kegan’s folly.

    My first tadpole build.
  8. Kegan’s folly (a)

    Kegan’s folly (a)

  9. Kegan’s folly (b)

    Kegan’s folly (b)