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  1. imamedik

    Delta two wheel drive (2WD)

    Ethan I made a quick drawing on the linked thread (post #79) that may help you
  2. imamedik

    My life with Python trikes Mk1 , Mk1.5 , Mk2 ?

    you may not be able to shorten the distance completely but looks like you could use shorter crank-arms, those look to be at least 170's, (every little bit helps) and shorter cranks seem to be better on the knees and hips.
  3. imamedik

    Handlebar expansion plug for e-throttle repair

    you may be able to adapt something like this Handlebar bar end plug
  4. imamedik

    Big bracket shell to small shell

    I am not sure if this would work, but it is used to convert old bottom brackets that took 1 piece cranks and converted them to a bottom bracket that used square taper 3 piece cranks. do a google search for "SUNLITE BB Conversion Kit"
  5. imamedik

    Missing Information In Plans

    Those holes are used to decrease the weight of the tabs, it is not necessary to add them
  6. imamedik

    StreetFighter Rear Diff Setup

    I personally like the split shaft collars
  7. imamedik

    Street fox question

    I use this calculator, one of the nice things about it is it has dimensions for many different rims and hubs Spoke Calculator
  8. imamedik

    StreetFighter Rear Diff Setup

    Quick drawing of what I have done, may help to understand
  9. imamedik

    Getting started

    in addition to what has been listed above you can never have to many clamps (spring, C-clamp, Adjustable) pliers/ vice grips are not absolutely necessary but nice to have for holding smaller parts for welding grinding hammer for persuading parts into position
  10. imamedik

    Best Warrior seat ideas

    here are two links to DIY seats Barnett Williams Style Seat (bent conduit and mesh) anATOMic seat (bent plywood) I have made both, the plywood seems to be sportier as far as looks and the bent conduit seemed more comfortable to me.
  11. imamedik

    Jon's Warrior Build

    Jon, have you thought about doing "Crossed Dual Drag Link Steering" like some of the Green Speed trikes. here is a link that talks about different designs the two links below are how I set up crossed link steering. Greenspeed 1...
  12. imamedik

    Going for my second build.

    Or you could always build it with 24" wheels
  13. imamedik

    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    you can still access the site using this site the last link that was uploaded seems to be from 27 Jan 2014
  14. imamedik

    12 YEARS of Zombiedom!

    Sir Joey, I was always amazed of what you could create on the magic bus you used as a shop.
  15. imamedik

    Greetings from California

    UltraSuperIan, I built at least 8 bikes/trikes using a 110v fluxcore wire welder with no issues.
  16. imamedik

    Help needed on 2 of my zombie bikes

    this may help with project 1 Finish Line Fiber Grip Carbon Fiber Bicycle Assembly Gel