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    Rear suspension on delta trike

    Having purchased several of Brad's plans, I am looking at combining the rear suspension of the delta wolf with the Lode Runner, possibly the tandem (2 shocks in this case) to be equipped with a 500W motor and solar panels for outback travel as discussed on a previous thread. The load to be...
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    Design principles for a solar/electric/pedal outback machine

    In the time of Covid 19, if you live in the state of Queensland, Australia as I do, there is only one place where you are allowed to cycle and that is in the state of Queensland, Australia. Our borders, state and national are shut tight. If you leave Queensland, you can't get back without paying...
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    LWB (Tourmaster) stability climbing hills

    Having suffered serious leg suck injury (medial ligaments, syndesmosis rupture, fractured fibula) when attempting to learn to ride a Cruz-bike a couple of years back, I am very wary of ever getting on a recumbent bicycle of any sort ever again. However I like the semi-recumbent position and...