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    Is "As good as it gets" good enough?

    What about something like the extra, drop down "5th parking wheel"
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    Yeswelder brand welding machines?

    Yeah, know a guy who bought a yeswelder, said he is happy with it. I was going to buy one but only comes with 15amp plug. Obviously not this 7in1 model because i think it's a kickstarter preorder deal only at the moment. I don't buy kickstarter stuff and buying any "never done before" machines...
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    DIY Universal Trike Conversion

    Why would you need a width measurement? Measure your body width or bike path width or mock it up and see what feels comfortable/stable for you, right? I thought the photos are great but they don't provide quite enough info to replicate understand a step or 2.
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    Some Velo's to drool over.

    That pedal+solar bike gets 1800mpg. But mpg of what? Sweat?
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    What about a "Jokes" thread? - I will start.

    I am surprised if he didn't get charged or at least the threat of charges from the cops for jumping out in front of cars on the road and basically starting fights. Oh and ... that police response time 😮 what?
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    DIY English Wheel

    Cool. I always wanted to try an english wheel. Let us know how it goes. Do you not think the clamp vertical is too close to the wheels?... and that bolt a bit too long
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    How can I achieve this steering ?

    A piece of paper and pen could be used to steer.. my brain closer to understanding that. How about non-mechanical? An elctronic steering system could be simple... for someone who knows that kind of stuff...right? How about a big front wheel and an extra, small front wheel, facing laterally...
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    How can I achieve this steering ?

    Do you definitely need UJs? If the trike is just for you, the steering column doesn't need adjustment, and then you can go straight to the bevel gears right.. if they come in various angles..? Or, a worm gear on the steering column can work at any angle to a vertical gear and then have that...
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    Lathe Boy Strikes again :-)

    With a lathe!? Wow you are skilled
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    Great Uk velocar - love his car parking - puncture repair was novel :-)

    Nice. Only thing I'm confused about is "he built it for his wife when she fell sick" ...🤔
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    Ed's 'StreetRunner' Quad Build

    😅 just when i was thinking this project might actually finish one day. (Hope this joke is not mean. The journey is always better than the destination anyway.)
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    Any interest in tilting ? - watch this 3 minute presentation

    "As far as we can tell nobody can steer the bricycle around the simple course" pfft, as far as i can tell only a couple of academic nerds tried. I'm pretty sure i could beat your silly invisible gravity. Very cool build though. Can't help but think some parents are paying 10s of thousands of...
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    Tilting Quad Velomobile

    The interesting wheels, the all alloy frame that looks complex, the neat hand drawings, the blue background peices to make the photos better.. wow this is really some project going on here. Nice work.
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    New Aerotilt video now with body - this is VERY impressive

    Yeah looks quite nice, narrow with tilt, neat. I will say he makes it looks really fragile or something with how slow and steady he opens and closes it. But i like the clips. ..oh and the scary movie door-sound-effects department might like to buy his suspension set up.i wonder how bad that is...
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    Well this was interesting ? up till the point it wasn't ?

    Add an electric hub motor and you've got yourself a $100, quck build, no-weld car.
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    Apparently this is pedaled on pavements !

    I hear that you need a crane or several acres of open space to turn it around.
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    linear drive anyone ?

    Well made, looks pretty good .. but i hate the silly tiny steering wheel, would be annoying turning with it i think. Don't see much linear drive, but its intriguing, n i can't see in the vdeo exactly how its setup- Those loops of cables at the front?, would love to try one. Nice find. Thanks...
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    Ski bike

    Buy a sno-go, copy and alter as desired, sell sno-go. Possible option?
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    Interesting capacitor bike with home made motor

    Thank you for posting this! I understand nothing about electronics but i could sort of follow some of this and it is very interesting.