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    The M.O.A.T.

    Nice (y) Really impressive!
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    The M.O.A.T.

    Nice build! How much weight did you put in? Suppose it might work well with styrofoam but might be challenging filled with beverages....
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    Another FWD Delta trike.

    Looking good! Interested in your first test ride report already 🆒
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    Spirit: My first finished build

    Maybe some update after a few months.... Alright, so meanwhile knee is somewhat better again, already did 44 kilometer tour on upright pedelec again.. Also tried one ride on Spirit just to experience a crack and wobbly feeling after 200 meters... Turns that Seat mount broke off, another proof...
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    Spirit: My first finished build

    Okay, managed to get halfway through your thread (will need another 1-2 evenings for the rest) and I am pretty impressed! Very cool ideas, however I'd not feel able to replicate a good version without any plans or sketches I suppose.... Are there any drafts or measurements (only saw some...
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    Spirit: My first finished build

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Yeah, there are some things that definitely could be improved. So for potential future spirit builders: from my feeling it could recline 10 degrees more, to me this is too upright. I always kick my belly when riding after dinner ;). Also lower cushion would need to...
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    Spirit: My first finished build

    Hi all, let me introduce myself: I am Matthias from Germany, 40 years old and was dreaming of building my own vehicle since I was a kid. Since 2 years I was trying to make it reality althoug I had no welding skills and only basic repair skills. After my first attempt (a tadpole trike inspired...
  8. matc's Spirit

    matc's Spirit

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