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  1. aluminumwelder

    Tilting Tadpole. how does the front mechanical assembly work?

    Anyone ever make a tilting tadpole trike like above video? The front shopping basket blocks me from seeing how the tilting work. Does anyone know of any plans showing how to make one?
  2. aluminumwelder

    Dual Hydralic front breaks on a tadpole trike. Where to buy manifold connector?

    I have a 170 lb tadpole cargo trike which carries about 350 to 400 lbs of people/cargo typically I want to upgrade the front breaks to hydraulic so it stops faster. I can't find a single pull, dual line bicycle hydralic break set. would these atv/motorcycle ones work? I assume motorcycle break...
  3. aluminumwelder

    Any place sell Tadpole trike Wheel sets?

    ebay sells delta trike set of 3 wheels, but I have never seen a set of 3 tadpole trike wheels for sale. disk rotors on the 2 front wheels and 7 speed casette on the rear wheel, seems like a common configuration, so why does it seem they are only custom made ?
  4. aluminumwelder

    Where can I buy components for a center joystick steering system? I like the enclosed wooden bike above, but I have never seen a center steering mechanism like this before. I know they are also popular in velomobiles. I think they turn by moving the bar forward...
  5. aluminumwelder

    Any place stock pair of 24" wheels with 20mm axel holes for tadpole trike?

    I've got a pair of 26" wheels on an elf velomobile right now, but I want to put fatter tires on so I need a pair of smaller 24" rims for better shock, since this trike has no suspension. the hub is a 20mm axel with 110m length. Looked on USA and Chinese web sites and ebay and can't find a...
  6. aluminumwelder

    Delta Trike with 2 suspension front forks frame designs?

    I saw this video of a trike who's front 2 wheels are made of regular bicycle forks. I like this design because the wheels and hubs are easy to get. NO custom lacing of a wheel needed. Does anyone have any more detailed photos and scketches of the steering and peddling mechanism of such a 2x fork...
  7. aluminumwelder

    Building Organic Transit ELF vechicle

    I want to make an Elf like velomobile. The frame does not look that hard and I like how they have a dual drive system. And I also like how they use a Nuvinci drive and a hub motor both of which do not need custom spoked on a wheel! 2 questions: Where are they getting those squarish aluminum...
  8. aluminumwelder

    steering via wire instead of a linakge arm on delta trikes

    this cargo bike doesnt' need a linkage arm to stear the front wheel. it just uses break cables. pretty ingenious But I do wonder if you hit a pot hole if the wheel will get out of alignment more easily. Looks like it just works on friction?
  9. aluminumwelder

    How much do various AZ completed bikes weigh? Assume 1/16 thick steel tubing used. If different gauge used please state that.

    How much do various AZ completed bikes weigh? Assume 1/16 thick steel tubing used. If different gauge used please state that. ' especially interested in trike weights. I can calculate weight of frame easily but unsure how much all the parts add up to weigh. Yes I know this will vary if you use...
  10. aluminumwelder

    What brand electric trike is this?

    I was looking at local used trikes. the delta Ebike is $600, the silver one is $720 but 3 hrs away and the green one is 1 hr away and about $1100. I've never rode a trike. I am assuming the Silver one will be the fastest because it has the largest rear wheel? I wonder what brand the Etrike is? I...
  11. aluminumwelder

    is anyone making/selling the head tube shells?

    looking at getting some head tube shells please? anyone sell them?
  12. aluminumwelder

    what does the street fighter or warrior cost to make in time/labor and $$$?

    what does the street fighter or warrior cost to make in time/labor and $$$? do not assume any scrap bike parts you got were free. for consistency: Value a scrap bike at $30 each because that's about how much I can get them for locally and the time it takes to find those scrap bikes is not free...
  13. aluminumwelder

    Modify single speed front pedal delta trike to multispeed tadpole?

    is it possible to change a 1 speed trike to multi speed using Nuvinci CVT? like the one pictured below. My guess is that it would require rotating the seat 180 and adding a pedal crank shaft. I can get these trikes used locally for $150. amazon reviews are not that great. link below I bought...