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  1. PeterT

    20" Big Apple plus.

    Can you post a pic of the tyres, please. Sidewalls and tread
  2. PeterT

    Down Under Fast Recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ (continued)

    Which also meant that because I had the steering wheel pulled apart, it was the perfect time to replace the nylon bearing with something betterSteering wheel bearing mod
  3. PeterT

    Down Under Fast Recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ (continued)

    Which meant I had to redesign the steering tube, so all 15 wires could comfortably fit down the middle of the shaft, and yet still attach to a 1/2" socket extension shaftSteering shaft mod
  4. PeterT

    Down Under Fast Recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ (continued)

    Ok first major upgrade, is the steering wheel has been rewired, so I can use all 13 switches on the steering wheel. This now means that when I have the finances, I'll be getting linear servo motors so I can have electronic gear shifting, with the thumb pads giving finger tip gear shifting, not...
  5. PeterT

    Down Under Fast Recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ (continued)

    That would be Lyn's backyard you have found! 😉 So the Flickr account is working here, cool! All those that want to follow the build blog of the F-RQ, without the commentary, here you go! Now when I upload the modifications to Flickr, I can't lose them, and you can all find the comparison pics 😋😋😋😄
  6. PeterT

    Programs that allow multiple pics to be uploaded

    Guys/Gals, do any of you use any thing that allows you to collate everything into one item, so that can be uploaded here without having to go through and upload every single picture, one by one?
  7. PeterT

    Down Under Fast Recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ (continued)

    Link stopped working, the same day I restarted my forum thread, RadBrad had to dump the old claggy server, and I never got to save a backup copy
  8. PeterT

    Down Under Fast Recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ (continued)

    Ok, bought the Streetfighter plans way back in 2009 and started building my first set of wheels, basic frame etc, but before long, the F-RQ started to take on a life of it's own, so I'll figure out how to upload pics, remove a lot of the by-the-way builds, eg tall bikes (7 various sizes 16" -...
  9. PeterT

    Retrieving post from the old archived threads

    no probs Brad, I understand about the need for employment over hobbies, we need the employment to fund our hobbies All the best PeterT
  10. PeterT

    Retrieving post from the old archived threads

    How do I reclaim the thread "Down Under Fast recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ" from the archives? it is my only build record, and I need to have it accessible so I can start rebuilding the F-RQ again, after so many years of it sitting neglected Thanx PeterT
  11. PeterT

    Street fighter builds

    Welcome to the Streetfighter club. The first rule of the Streetfighter Club is we don't talk about the Streetfighter, and the second rule is we don't discuss the first rule! my thread on the old archived forum, Down Under Fast Recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ has lots of ideas to look at, lots of other...
  12. PeterT

    Reciprocal drive

    Robo, I made my own linear pedal system, that allows both legs to operate independently of each other, and each push of my front legs is a complete revolution of the front gears, and i can either leg press, flex toes and anything in between. Feel free to see it in Down Under Fast Recumbent...
  13. PeterT

    Down Under Fast Recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ (continued)

    Hi all, It's been a few years since I joined this wonderful site, and on the archived forum, you'll find my build blog of my F-RQ (Down under Fast Recumbent Quadcycle F-RQ) Due to the immense size of the...
  14. PeterT

    12 YEARS of Zombiedom!

    Sir Joey, life has been pretty fair over the past few years. My boy's are nearly all teenagers/adults now. Haven't done much bike building for several years, but am about to restart working on the F-RQ. One question - how do I reclaim the old archived posts on the Down Under Fast Recumbent...