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    What about this for the 21st centuary ?

    Hi all Wonder what current car regulators would make of this ? Somehow doubt it was sold in the UK , looks to be about 1/2 the size of an Austin 7 ! Paul
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    Veloschmitt ? tilting rear steer velomobile

    Hi all Intriguing and this version based on a ladder ! The above is an early version , it has been through lots of iterations Paul
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    Anyone looking for a challange ?

    Hi all This would make a great pedal powered vehicle ? maybe don't try this at home ? regards Paul
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    MIA ? Emeil , Popshot , Maddox & Pegasus

    Hi all So guys are you all well ? Being doing any bike building ? you all had projects on the go IIRC take care out there Paul
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    Now this is interesting ? bike on a treadmill ?

    Hi all This tests the old gray cells ? n'est-ce ? Paul
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    Interesting B/W film of bicycles maybe 50's Denmark ?

    Interesting film with lot's bicycles , Vw beetle and maybe Fiat Topolino or 500 Denmark ? in 50's ? Vast majority of bikes appear to have no brake levers ? I assume they have a back pedal brake ? as there are lot's of old ladies riding them ? Paul
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    Interesting capacitor bike with home made motor

    Hi all A DIY capacitor power bike and home made motor. Not your usual video rubbish , well explained and no annoying music ! Paul
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    Announcing very last minute Zombie meeting in the UK

    Hi all Announcing a very small very last minute Zombie meeting , possibly only 2 ! however all are welcome. St Ives , Cambridgeshire Tue , Wed & Thur yes we might get wet , yes it might be cold however memories are not made by sitting indoors wishing you could do something ! Camping @ Water...
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    UK ONLY Front wheels 14mm axles + disc rotors + Avid BB7's suit StreetFox or Warrior , Viking Tandem etc UK ONLY

    Hi there I have for sale the following. Pair of front wheels with disc mountings suitable for StreetFox or Warrior , Viking Tandem or DIY tadpole trike 1 x wheel is new , just has a little dirt and hanger rash never been ridden. 1 x wheel is used and has some rust , they have different...
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    More for them tadpole tilter folks ?

    Hi all Towards the bottom of this thread ? Finnish thread tilting wheel ? regards Paul
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    Nice home made velomobile ? square and yet so round ?

    Hi all How can this be so square and yet look so streamlined ? See I said it was square ? Paul
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    Any ideas about this trike ?

    Hi all So is this lean steer or rear steer ? Or maybe both Can't decide whether it is ' good ' or ' bad ' however it is interesting n'est-ce pas Paul
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    Bizarre trike ? strangest found so far in 2021 ?

    Hi all Well this is odd ...... Dutch trike Paul
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    For sale Flevo Trike BROKEN !!! UK only situated Nottinghamshire

    Hi all Trike is mentioned here with pictures Python thread showing Flevo Trike read the whole thread as it is mentioned a few times in it. A part is broken in the Sach's Orbit hub that is a 2 x 6 with drum brake , pictured later on in the thread. THE TRIKE IS UNRIDABLE WITH THE SACH'S HUB...
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    Interesting treatise on 3 wheeler's

    Hi all Good read and despite being motor cycles and cars some stuff pertinent to our [ ok my ] efforts. The last chapter had some interesting stuff on single wheel tilter's I had not considered ? Riley & Foales Paul
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    Losing my accuracy - bit by bit ....

    Hi all How can I do this better ? I am trying to weld a M12 bolt into some round or in this case square tube for a SA drum brake axle .... So they need to be square to the axle , although not necessarly to it's centre line as long as they are the same each end. It is not going well ? First...
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    So you think you have problems .....

    How's about building a wooden velomobile in the lounge of a 4th floor flat ? guess how it is reaching the ground ? yep over the edge .... he decided to tell the neighbour's this time , unlike before when he did the same thing with a boat he built in there ! Full story agilo-velomobile Paul
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    What would happen if I built a Mosquito / Python hybrid trike ?

    Hi all This is a Mosquito trike , lean steer and the under pining's of the Mosquito Velomobile. So if I built the rear end vertical and the Python pivot /front end did the steering , and handle bars attached to the steering part. Would it be :- a) normally un-tilted when ridden - due to the...
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    This is good

    Hi all I like this French Morgan styled velocar velocar-style-morgan Shame they seem to loos the plot at the back ? I am sure it could have been much more stylish/Morgan like and with some useful grocery space ? Frame looks good:- Paul