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    spoke help for warrior style front wheels

    ordered Origin8 20mm 36h hubs for the front. scavenged the rims and spokes from a parts bike. OOPS !!!! the spoke flange diameter of the new hubs is quite a bit larger than the donor wheels' hubs. That'll make the spokes too long. Do I order new spokes ? From what reading I did, they come as...
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    Mountain Fox update

    Just getting started on trike one of three. The design has morphed into a loose copy of a commercially available unit sporting 26” knobby tires. figured I’d post a couple pics. Pic 1 - tires, tubes, rim strips, and hoops picked out, waiting for tools and front hubs to arrive Pic 2 - rear...
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    new guy intro

    My name's Cory, I'm from Colorado. Goal is to build three trikes - two Street Fox more or less to the plans (for me and my son) and a two-hand-and-one-foot powered for my (right leg amputee) wife. I've picked up a few free donor bikes, plus the first rear suspension donor. Also got the first...