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    Straight Cross Boom/Axle for Streetfox... Help...

    I'm in the process of building a Streetfox. I would very much like to use a straight one piece Cross Boom or Axle vs the V shaped one in the Plans. I am having a little trouble deciding where to mount it. I need to mount as far forward as possible, but still able to sit down and stand up...
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    Seat Height of Streetfox??

    I was wondering if someone could please tell me approx. what the seat height (above Ground) a standard Streetfox would have. I am planning out details for building one with 26" rear and 20" front wheels. Thanks
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    Anyone build a Streetfox style trike with hard tail style Warrior style rear wheel fork?

    I'm planning on starting my Streetfox build soon and have a question: Has anyone here built a Streetfox Tadpole bike with a hard tail rear wheel assembly kinda like the Warrier rear end? Just kicking around ideas while I gather a few parts and think things thru. Thanks
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    I oredred these Wheels on Ebay... Build shuld begin soon...

    I ordered 2 of these wheels on ebay. 20" 48 spoke with a 14mm axle. I hope they will work for my Streetfox Tadpole bike...
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    Would these Wheels Work

    Planning on building a Streetfox. Would these rims/hubs work for the front wheels? Could the bearings be changed for different axle size? What types of brakes could I use with these? Thanks
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    New here. Looking to build a Streetfox

    Thanks for adding me to the group. I look forward to learning and hope to begin building a Streetfox soon.
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    Hello- New to Forum

    Thank you for adding me to the forum. Located in Southeastern Michigan, USA. I am looking forward to to the group. I'm planning on building a Streetfox soon. Will be looking forward to advice and learning.