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  1. IRF

    Seat mounting ideas

    In the process of gathering a few bikes for my trike build I was given Rans Stratus. It has definitely seen better days. Needs a lot of clean up and paint, tires, and a seat. My 14 year old son wants to bring it back to life. The original seat is very expensive to purchase... so looking to bend...
  2. IRF

    Menu issue

    Not sure what is up. When I tap the menu icon about 75% of the time the current page drops size then freezes. Doesn't happen all the time but makes navigating rough. Seems though it happens more when on other parts of the site than in the forum. This is on my android device thanks
  3. IRF

    400 pound man needs trike

    When I was young I was a bicycling fool. I was never skinny but in good physical shape. Now I'm almost 50, and physically not so great. 10 years ago a motorcycle wreck brought a lot of limitations to my activity and now today I'm 400 pounds and am being pounded by more physical issues because of...