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  1. Hugh

    Interesting disc brake product

    Looking on youtube the other day I was watching a short video from Bolton e bikes. The product is a self contained hydraulic disc brake unit. It's cable operated right down to the caliper assembly. The caliper is double acting, unlike the "normal" Avid style disc brakes. Meaning both brake pads...
  2. Hugh

    Merry Christmas

    As the title suggests from my family to those in this group, Merry Christmas. Stay safe and keep building or riding depending on the state of your project(s).
  3. Hugh

    Buying bike motors etc on sale from china

    November 11 is the biggest sale day in China, they call it singles day as in 11:11. I use Aliexpress when I purchase items on that day. A brief explanation follows. Aliexpress is kind of a chinese ebay, thousands of small business's sell their goods on the platform, there are of course other...
  4. Hugh

    Revamping one of my deltas

    I,ve decided to revamp my enclosed blue delta. For a few reasons. One is the itch to build has been .. well building up again. The blue delta uses fat tires that I thought would be good for snow and they were OK but the reality is any snow deeper than a few inches is pretty much impossible...
  5. Hugh

    Enclosed delta

    I won,t bore anyone here with yet another picture of my blue coro enclosed delta but I do have some plans for it this fall. At present it uses a Bafang BBSO2 mid drive motor. The drive goes from the pedals to just ahead of the seat where it uses a jackshaft to route the power to the left rear...
  6. Hugh

    Aurora delta update

    It,s now been over 3 months since I,ve been riding my Aurora style delta trike here in Winnipeg. It,s had a few issues that have come up over time, although I,ve been able to correct each one either by modifying my riding or making small equipment changes. The Main challenge is the lack of...
  7. Hugh

    Weather protection on a Fat Delta with body

    I was waiting for a rain day to test out the coro body on my trike and got a good one a coupe days ago. First some specs, it's a Delta style adapted loosely from the Loderunner plan's. It has three 26" by 4" tires. The drivetrain uses a jackshaft to route the power from the center over to the...
  8. Hugh

    fat tire delta

    Today, Mar21 I took my home made fat tire Delta trike with the blue coro body for a real nice ride. Left my home in Transcona, Manitoba around 12:30 PM and headed to downtown Winnipeg. The outside temp was around 5 below C. The darn thing exceeded my expectations. It is electric assist using a...
  9. Hugh

    aurora delta

    I was going over my Warrior with an eye to repainting it, checking the bearings etc. The front boom was bent a bit to the right and bent downwards a little from the weight of one the coro bodies. The main boom leading to the rear had a bit of a bend in from an incident a couple years ago as...
  10. Hugh

    part wanted delta wolf speed trike

    I have now built the Warrior, and a fat tire version of of a loderunner and the high roller. I could not get comfortable with the highroller so it's been recycled. I like the warrior and have put a few thousand km's on it. But I find myself liking the delta style more and more. I was just...
  11. Hugh

    fat delta

    Seems this is the proper spot for a new build. I picked up up my 2 cheap fat bikes the other day. The jack shaft parts are in the mail and my friend gave me back the High Roller i lent him so he could see if a recumbent was right for him (apparently it's not). The High Roller is going to be...
  12. Hugh

    My next build

    I had purchased the Lode Runner plan's some time ago and was waiting for the right time to build yet another Atomic Zombie creation. So this was first posted in General Chat but a decision has finally been made and the Lode Runner is I think the best version of delta for me. As stated in the...
  13. Hugh


    My next build will be a delta trike. I like the sharp turning radius the design offers and the better off road/gravel trail capability versus my Warrior build. A huge stumbling block has been the fabrication of the rear wheel disc's. To get around this I may just build a wraparound frame...
  14. Hugh

    my high roller

    Well I did build myself a high roller. The building was fun, especially getting the rear wheel lined up properly. Mine uses 24" wheels which allowed me to place my feet flat on the ground at a stop. I had a heck of a time learning how to ride it, until finally at a local provincial park on a...
  15. Hugh

    ELF style pedal car

    An enclosed pedal car in the style of the ELF would be nice. Where you sit upright on a bench style seat and the pedals are similar in position to a DF bike. By that I mean down and a bit in front of the seat. And made just long enough to have room for a passenger. The gearing would be low...
  16. Hugh

    Manitoba Warrior

    It,s been a while since I,ve dropped in. My Warrior build is now entering it,s 4th year. It started out a pedal only then a BionX 500 watt system was added. The xtra power on tap was a bit much for the frame so some gussets were added which solved all issues. Then I decided to add fenders, a...