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    A small bag I attached to the headrest. It’s permanently installed
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    Rear view of headrest
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    A friend gave me the frame and fork from a BMX. it also had rear suspension
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    I had an old mountain bike I used for most of the parts. I used As much as I could from this
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    The rear triangle
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    I chose square steel tubing since I thought it would be easier to get straighter welds at joints. I’m a beginner welder.
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    Rear suspension starting to take form
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    Rear view. Here’s something I found....the high density foam for the seat cost more than all the steel I had to buy for the project !
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    I had a fixed angle on the seat. After it was finished, I wish I had a more upright seat angle. Either that, or an adjustable seat angle.
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    I had trouble with welding the steering tube. I thought I had everything lined up, tacked it, and the angles were completely off. The long handlebars exaggerated the mistake. I had to grind off the weld, and start over. The next time, I clamped everything in place, than tacked it.
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    The seat is plenty wide. I had plywood around the garage, and cut 3 pieces of steel to join the 2 plywood pieces
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    Getting there!
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    I had to use the fork off the BMX. A fork for a 26” wheel would make the front sit high. The square tab is for steering links
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    The steering control rod I place.
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    Steering controls. I have a barrel adjuster to make fine adjustments
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    A couple of buck for vinyl seat. $40 for high density foam ! The cabling for the rear derailleur wasn’t to har to work out. I did (do) have a problem with my front derailleur wanting to twist when I shift. It sometimes doesn’t shift into the gear I want. So I may get rid of the front derailleur
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    I used 3 chains to get the length needed. It rubs on the handlebar. See fix in later photo
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    The steering rod comes VERY close to the crank arm. I decided not to change the 2” wide steel pieces welded to the handlebar and fork areas. Instead, I cut the square rod and put a “dogleg” around the crank arm. The overall steering ratio isn’t changed.
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