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  1. Popshot

    Tilter mk3

    The weather has stopped play on the Drypod as I need to be outside to hinge the body up and down (the big disadvantage of a tilt body) so I've committed a cardinal sin and started my next project. If I get this right it will be a tilting tadpole along the same principle Alan Maurer built his. It...
  2. Popshot

    Cor...look at the rack on that! Nothing to do with me. That rear carrier is huge!
  3. Popshot

    Fat trike wheels and tyres 2x20 and 1x26

    2x20" and 1x26". All with new or almost new tyres. 20mm disc hubs in the small ones and a left side motor drive freewheel on the big one. The motor drive is a R/H thread so you'll either need to threadlock the locking ring or dab it with the welder to keep it on. The front hubs are not fat width...
  4. Popshot

    The good, the bad and the ugly.

    When I first started in this hobby it would be fair to say I only had experience of what many would disparagingly call BSO (bicycle shaped objects); bicycles sold largely in supermarkets for rock bottom prices. After building my first trike from these I decided on a better donor for my second...
  5. Popshot

    Helicopter for sale on ebay

    Well at least it looks like a chopper!
  6. Popshot

    Not riding in the snow but I have achieved something.

    I made the wheels for my next project - another tilting taddy. I know I have yet to complete the Drypod2 but it's cold in my garage and "my legs are grey. My ears are gnarled. My eyes are old and bent". At least those are my excuses and this was a nice warm indoor job. The colour scheme for the...
  7. Popshot

    Stainless tube versus mild

    I've been wondering of the benefits or not of changing to stainless tube for my next chassis. Apart from the rust resistance I'm labouring under the impression that stainless has less flex than mild for the same weight / size but also less ability to bend before permanent deformation. I am...
  8. Popshot

    Brexit issues with imports.

    A story in the news. Bicycle part firm Dutch Bike Bits said from now on, it would ship to every country in the world except the UK. "We are forced by British policy to stop dealing with British customers," it said on its website. The moves follow changes in VAT rules brought in by HM Revenue...
  9. Popshot

    I'm an idiot

    I carefully measured the spokes for a pair of front taddy wheel, double checked everything and then ordered them. On arrival I checked they were the size ordered - they were. On lacing matters up it became evident they were too big so I remeasured and got a figure I instantly recognised. Whilst...
  10. Popshot

    Cheap pipe bender £48....bargain. At least £71 even on ebay and well over £100 in many places. Ideal for knocking out those mesh seat frames.
  11. Popshot

    Forward planning - a scary discovery!

    I was looking through Paul's Python thread at his seats and found this:- A whole year ahead of the stampede on toilet paper due to Covid. Got to be a conspiracy theory that explains this.:unsure:
  12. Popshot

    Matched mechanical callipers

    If you want to use mechanical calipers but don't want a one up one down regarding the actuation arm and subsequent cable run on the front of your taddy or rear of your delta get a pair designed for a cheapo Chinese pit bike. £9 the pair and both arms either up or down...
  13. Popshot

    Mesh seat wings

    Has anyone got experience with and without lateral support on a mesh seated trike? Something like this? The fibreglass seats I've so far used have good lateral support but I don't know if it's as needed or even needed more on a mesh seat.
  14. Popshot

    Power take off for Yard Mule

    Given the Yard Mule is easily the biggest selling plan why not design a power take off system for it similar to the early Land Rover. This could then power a range of other attachments which could then be the subject of other plans such as a circular saw table, winch or towed mower. Or...
  15. Popshot

    Time Trial Brake Levers

    I just came across these which look useful to recumbent builders with USS. Cable in from underneath and wrap the cable to the bar with bar tape but a more normal right way up lever. They appear to be a relatively common item with various other brands too.
  16. Popshot

    Non compressible cable outer

    In my naivety I expected all outer cable to be non compressible to a large extent but on cabling up the Drypod2 it was clear that the lever was moving and the calliper wasn't once a certain pressure was achieved. This was using non branded cable outer from a 25m roll. I'd used a fair bit of this...
  17. Popshot

    Hub or mid drive?

    Does anyone have any experience of both? Most reviews I can find comparing one to the other are from highly committed cycling enthusiasts with wardrobes full of lycra and as such they always favour the mid drive and scoff at the hub. I did find one comment from a chap who sells them for a living...
  18. Popshot

    Drypod 2

    If anyone was wondering about the progress on the Drypod - there isn't any. I was unhappy at the flimsy nature of the body and any measures to correct it were not likely to leave me with anything I'd be happy with. After much pondering and procrastination I have determined a new direction for an...
  19. Popshot

    Ebay bike near Bradford, UK Nothing to do with me. Just making members aware.
  20. Popshot

    4-bar link tilt steer delta

    After weighing up the merits and pitfalls of the head tube option Paul mentioned the Mosquito with it's 4 bar rear. Here I've modified it to get the riders weight more within the wide part of the area covered by joining the three contact patches of the tyres. I've also used a narrower top bar...