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    Happy new year

    Everybody a happy new year. To all great Britain members, I will miss you and wave goodbye. You always stay welcome afcourse.
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    Sort of tilting trike

    I watched Gary Solomon tonight and they talked with the designer of this trike. It is a very simple design of a tilting trike that levels himself while riding. You tilt as your steer, so it is always a combination. It is actually a simple design that is easy to build yourself. Also by...
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    I crashed again

    I got my second crash today. This time I got my arm open because I slides over the asphalt. Other than, that, I am OK. I learned from my first crash, that you don't fall very hard. You roll more of the bike than really falling. My trike is an other story. I welded my steering with the wrong...
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    Bike trailer

    I don't know if this belongs here. I started to work on my trailer. A few years back I bought a bike trailer made from aluminium. I bought it to put a battery in so I could charge my lipo's for my race drones. Also so I could take all my stuff with me on my bike. Now because I am mainly...
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    Riding trough water

    I drove last week after the rain trough the city. I have no mudguards in the front, but it isn't really needed. The biggest problem is the water that is trown up and makes my ass wet. Now I am thinking of making a water shield that I can easily ad if needed. I want to mount it from the...
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    Going gor my second build.

    I didn't want yo, but it is happening. I am going to build a second Trike. I just reserved a seat that I get by the end of the month. This build will have many changes from my previous build. I will start tonight with the base frame. The seat mount comes as soon as I have the seat. With the...
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    Extreme rear wheel

    I don't know a worth what he is saying, but that rear wheel looks great. That on a Trike would look crazy. I think that he talks about how he made the tire on it and I think he cut it and put it on with silicone. It will be very bumpy as you have no rear suspension, but on a track it would...
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    Race and tour trike with 20inch all around.

    What would be nice is a trike with 3 20 inch wheels and able to be build in race and touring setup. Then you have 2 trikes in one and you can set it up for 2 different situations. For touring with a raised sead and a possibility for carying your luggage with you. And as you want to race, that...
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    Armadillo style e-quad

    I have seen the Armadillo and now I want one. It's great for in the city to deliver for the shop instead of the car that I use now. As soon as is finished my current projects, i will start making a design. I will ad suspension and e assist. This will make that it rides easier. I will look...
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    Working on my new home.

    I am going to move in the coming months. Because I want a bit more space for my hobbies. I build and design quadcopters and fly them. But now I have only a living room and kitchen as room, a bad room and one bedroom. The new home has a separate and bigger kitchen, 2 bed rooms and a living room...
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    Warrior racing trike changed design

    It where a couple of bissy days with ordering and looking for cheap and good solutions for things I wanted. But I finally ordered most steel and lacer cut parts. I only need to order the mounting for the brakes, but I will do that as soon as I have the steering ready. Everything cut, lacer cut...