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    Roll Cage for a trike / Bike

    The first one is probably for the school races that they have there. There they have surten rules because they race with many recumbents on a small track. It is more protection against other riders then going over with the trike. A roll cage for a trike is useful for mounting a body to. If you...
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    Warrior build Questions

    BMX tires? I used bmx tires on my trike. As I used them on a lower pressure, then the ride was smooth. The disadvantage was only that you get more toll in the corners. But as you ride on bumpy roads, they work great.
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    Going gor my second build.

    Only anoing with making pictures as it gets dark.
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    Going gor my second build.

    I fixed the spreng to the frame. Here some images. The seat isn't mounted yet. The Hamer holds it in position.



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    Going gor my second build.

    Yes I have both. I wanted only disk in the rear, but I also wanted in the front 2 brake handles in the same style. The problem was, was that the single one, doesn't has a lock option. That is shy I added a v-brake. I have a small lock system what tgrt normally use to lock seat suspension and air...
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    It's been a long time

    Posting images can be in different ways. You can upload them to a site and post them by using the option above in the bar where you can also change text size and other things. You can also upload them on the forum. Make them smaller, so they don't take to much space. Posting them us the same...
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    Warrior build Questions

    When I made a 3d model, I noticed that the part where you mount the back of the seat against, isn't right. It isn't a big problem and the dimensions don't really come that exact. As you do it like in the discription, it will be fine. You can set the angle right and mount the seat to it, even...
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    Going gor my second build.

    Oops posted double
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    Going gor my second build.

    I wanted to weld the mount for the rear suspension to the frame, but it was wet all day, so I couldn't. In the end it was good, because the spacer I designed, was to small. I needed to change the dimensions and print it again. Now the spring setting is right. The rear wheel removed from my...
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    Going gor my second build.

    Today I placed the front wheels on the frame. I just welded it on the edges for testing, but I will finish it this week. I test fitted the brake mounts. Not the best images and this was before I welded the wheels. But everything fits. I have a small camber on the wheels. I was thinking...
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