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  1. Radical Brad

    Tall bike recumbent

    if you are going to take the time to fly high, might as well be comfortable!
  2. Radical Brad

    New to the forum

    Greets! My favourite idlers are the hard plastic ones used in gym equipment... Brad
  3. Radical Brad

    Gone, but never forgotten

    Keep making the world a better place!! Brad
  4. Radical Brad

    I have the power!

    Make them sparks fly!!
  5. Radical Brad

    Ed, what happens?

    Yes to all of that! I regularly think of all of our DIY friends in the US during these unstable times. Covid is starting to growl a bit more here in Ontario, but out here in the middle of nowhere, I suddenly feel lucky to be so isolated. Wishing you all well. Hope to hear from you soon too, Ed...
  6. Radical Brad

    AZ Inspired Trike Build (The Tri-Meridian) is Complete!

    Just catching up on the forum.... your ride is lookin' great!! brad
  7. Radical Brad

    200 Square Foot Portable Poultry Tractor!

    For sure, I should have clarified that. Yes, I can the chicken wire fence up the first 3 feet as shown here... The panels they call "Cattle Panels" at out local supply had massive openings though, much more than what is shown above. I was worried that chickens / turkeys might try to fly right...
  8. Radical Brad

    200 Square Foot Portable Poultry Tractor!

    At our farm supply, the cattle panels seem to have much larger squares, might be large enough for chickens to get through. I have seen many different styles, but if you can find taller panels that will work, the means possibly less joining. Brad
  9. Radical Brad

    200 Square Foot Portable Poultry Tractor!

    Greets! Just click DIY Plans above. Brad
  10. Radical Brad

    WebSite & Forum Glitches - Aug 18

    Yup, it had to go. I could not afford the time or bandwidth to keep the old system running. The new forum is coming along nicely, buy the reality is that every decade I will most likely have to dump and restart. That is just the way tech is.... disposable like everything that we don't make...
  11. Radical Brad

    AZ inspired trike build starts!

    Lookin' good! It's amazing how DIY projects come together so quickly in those few days we have to spare. Sometimes my works in progress sit for half a year and then get completed in one free afternoon! Brad
  12. Radical Brad

    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    That brown chop above with the gas tank... nice work! Brad
  13. Radical Brad

    link missing to plans bought long time ago

    I put out drawings for all the parts here... Cheers, Brad
  14. Radical Brad

    Tandem Build

    Cool design! Brad
  15. Radical Brad

    Oh no ... not again ... Street Fox fail

    The gussets will certainly do the trick. It's actually a strange failure considering there is not much stress at this point of the frame. On a 4 wheeler, there would be, but on a trike, any side to side would not be met with resistance at all. I can only guess that there was some weld anomaly...
  16. Radical Brad

    Digging through some ancient photos. DeltaWolf Fairing!

    I don't have the time or space for this right now, but I wish I did! Brad
  17. Radical Brad

    Delta Wolf build - my chain broke! Twice.

    Must be just old chain. No configuration of pulleys or length of chain would weaken it. you could run a 200 foot chain across a dozen pulleys, and it would be as strong as any chain, so it must have had some defects. Or you are one hell of a strong dude! Brad
  18. Radical Brad

    I challenge anyone to guess what I am making here!!

    You just defined every project here done by the entire community!