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    Comment by 'uncaged' in album 'MBB Tandem by uncaged'

    I have not ridden any bike with an upright stoker so I cannot guess. Mine is long being tandem recumbent. The first test ride ended quickly when a weld on the gooseneck broke but steering seemed labored. I am in search of a steel gooseneck to modify in order to continue the build.
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    Tandem Build

    Tried modifying that aluminum gooseneck to get the handlebars out of the way of my knees. It broke... crash. Now I'm on the hunt for a steel gooseneck to make work. I have a lead on one, but must be patient to meet up with the guy. I will report back once it's installed and I've done a test...
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    Tandem Build

    Using lower gears and taking some time to get used to it will help. However, I believe that the long wheelbase is part of the problem. More practice is in order before making changes.
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    Tandem Build

    Made some more progress, both seats are complete along with their supporting components. Put the drives in place to give it a test. The steering seems a little heavy but that could be several things... the mountain bike tires, the nature of a tandem, MBB design, or I didn't build it correctly...
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    Tandem Build

    Got a little more progress completed. Welded up the second seat frame and made some modifications to the frame completing the basic shape of the frame. Stoker's seat height was reduced by three inches, about as low as I felt the frame would support, and the frame was shortened lengthwise by...
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    Tandem Build

    Thank you for the reminder. You are talking about overall length, correct? Yes, I am aware. Not sure how much better a 72" wheelbase is over an 80" wheelbase. I am also somewhat familiar with this because of the 70 wheelbase on my RR Mach 2. We have talked about the fact that she will...
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    Tandem Build

    She is a couple inches short of touching. We will talk after she gets off from work tonight. I might drop the back of the main tube and not shorten the length. I'll also put the frame that I have into the bed of her truck to get an idea how the overall length affects hauling it.
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    Tandem Build

    Borrowed the seat from my Recycle Recumbent Mach 2 for a test fitting. I like this design because it is the most comfortable recumbent seat I have found. Short answer: I can trim eight inches from the main tube. Long answer: Turns out that my measurements from her Burley were not so...
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    Tandem Build

    I'm okay with 9 feet. It will stick a couple of feet past the tailgate of our truck. Some of the extra length comes from the seat I have chosen. The forum gallery still turns the photo sideways. The best I can determine it will require an extra 6-8 inches to support the stoker's seat. As I...
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    Tandem Build

    Got a little more work done today. It looks like it will be a few inches over 9 feet long. The perspective of the photo makes things look a little different. The main tube is level and both wheels are 26". Once the build is complete I will change the tires to something like a 1.25" touring...
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    Tandem Build

    Thank you for the input, stormbird and popshot. I will look into a new replacement for that sealed BB but it's good enough if I cannot find a new one. There is a little drag but no grittiness. I mostly wanted to make sure the grease is good and any sand removed. I already have the necessary...
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    Tandem Build

    Found a workaround to the problem. This is the photo referenced above.
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