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    Comment by 'Isaac' in media 'Ullala0.JPG'

    My own idea and design. Have you seen anything like it?
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    7 gears on this one. A little higher than the other.


    Hand driven kick bike
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    Comment by 'Isaac' in media 'Tornado.jpg'

    Built in 2018, now in the hands of my niece.
  7. Tornado


    Kids recumbent easy build
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    A perfect bike for my son who complained about getting numb hands on his normal bike. And he loved the 3 gears - "I love the gears, I will always use gear 3 to go fast!"
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    Handlebar fitted perfectly inside seat stem.
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    Comment by 'Isaac' in media 'Mammatrike.jpg'

    Made in 2018, still much loved...


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    dual front brakes, electric control, and bell
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    My mamma, going fast (loves going fast, making me nervous...)
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    diy freehub and discmounting part

    I don't mean to intrude, but would it be possible for you to have some of these made for me? If the price is good, I would certainly want att least 6 of these, and I know a guy around here who also would like some.
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    diy freehub and discmounting part

    In the plans for the kyoto cruiser and delta trikes you find out that you need only 1 machined part, and that part should be easy to have made by a machine shop... It took me a long time to find someone who could do it for me, and the only one I finally found said I had to wait over 2 months and...
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    Kyoto/delta backwheel hub

    thanks for saving my life friends! Of course I did not use all your good advice, but to know the hubs come in 3 parts pressfitted, and that the bearing races are most often hardened are both important insights to me. Maybe if I will do another wheel I will use this clean great method as you and...
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    Kyoto/delta backwheel hub

    So no easy way out then...
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    Kyoto/delta backwheel hub

    Hi! I am building a Kyoto, and I was thinking instead of making those plates with 48 holes and rebuilding that wheel, would it not be a valid solution to weld the wheel with its steel hub right to the axle? I would empty the hub, and there are 2 inside flanges that I would have to widen a little...