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    Ok sap is rising and it's time to start a new build ??? Noooo....

    Hi all Ok sap is rising and it's time to start a new build ??? Well no , being realistic I have 2 incomplete builds AND no where to store a new one. So the answer is ? Finish the other two , get rid if I don't like/want/need them , then I will have the space ? So No 1 FWD and iLean rear...
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    Best commute ever ?

    Hi all marvelous ! Paul
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    Improving my rubbish Spoke Tension meter ?

    Hi all I am considering how to improve my rubbish Spoke Tension meter :- It had no bad reviews and was half the price of the Park Tools one what could go wrong ? So all these meters come with a conversion table for different spoke types [ mine is currently MIA and I can't find one on the...
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    How do I weld to 14mm bolts together ?

    Hi all I need about 7" of 14mm bar. I have some 14mm bolts and I want to weld two of the unthreaded portions together to get the length I need. This will be cantilevered from an upright , however the load will be less than 40kg and only occasionally. I need to TIG them , I wondered if there...
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    Golden rules of tidying ?

    Hi all Doing some much needed lockdown tidying ? I have 3 golden rules:- start with cupboards and shelves to try and free up space move much used stuff to easily accessed places ALWAYS end up with some free space [ say about a 1/5th ] so the next new acquisition has somewhere to go and not...
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    Excellent write up of a Python cargo trike build

    Hi all A well documented build of a Python cargo trike , and a honest appraisal of it's usage and handling ? Python Ricxhaw regards Paul
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    You are not trying you fat trike builders ?

    Hi all Well these people seem to have set the bar rather high ! UT Fat trike 28.5" seat height ! Looks a big narrow at the back ?
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    Nice neat rike MBB

    Hi all This is a neat and well though out trike MBB very short :- It is even possible my inseam challenged soft southern jessie could ride this ? .. and then he does a tilting tadpole .... what a hero !!!
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    Steering bike/trike at speed ?

    Hi all Why does the steering on any bike/trike seem to get ' quicker ' i.e more sensitive the faster with speed ? regards Paul
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    Intresting way of attaching rear wheels , could be Zombified ?

    Hi all Trike conversion kit :- from 0.33 in
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    This looks a nice simple trike shell with a pleasing shape ?

    Hi all Came across this trike shell , few details though Firefly Seems a simpler version of this :- or this ? Can't image cutting this out with a jigsaw ! Fairing design always dreaming ...Paul
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    Trike however it ain't no tadpole nor a delta !

    Hi all Seen some pictures of this on the net :- however I have now found a build thread for it... Asymmetrical trike very cool on a couple of videos to
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    Interesting trike - unsure of it's handling though ?

    Hi all seen this :- It is not a Python the rider is sat on the pivoted portion and infront of the pivot , I can't find anything else on it. I suspect the pivot is a pair of rubber blocks with embedded threaded rods , similar to a car engine mount ? In some respects similar to the French...
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    what jobs are we getting done due to lockdown - no necessarily bike related

    Hi all lets look on the bright side what are we getting done that would otherwise be ' forever waiting ' ? 3 or 4 years ago I removed a fence panel between my neighbours house and mine as I wanted access down the side of my house. I built him a gate , the one on the left ' he was chuffed as...
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    You can't beat a good rack - in my opinion !

    Hi all So following on from If you are short of space I need to find space for two trikes in a shed that is very full. So the idea is to mount a tube on the upper cross beam just underneath the large cream castor , about nipple height. Then make up a frame that hinges on the tube , however...
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    This might be the answer if you are short of space ?

    Hi all Someone has created a velomobile rack that moves and allows another one to be stored on the top ? Handy for trikes of course. Velomobile rack regards Paul
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    This is interesting , technically , and frightening !

    Hi all This quad looks good Kitenteddy`s Quad Trailer Tandem Green Mamba However I am not sure as an adult I would be happy traveling many miles in the pedal/electric trailer ? Paul
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    3 D recumbent designer ? anyone ?

    Hi all This may appeal to someone ? Recumbent CAD package ? Not my thing , however someone may be able to drive it ? Latest upload :- regards Paul
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    What do you call a bicycle with 1 wheel and 4 legs ?

    Hi all A development of the Strandbeest ? Strandbeest regards Paul
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    Anyone own one of these ?

    Hi there Thinking of buying one of these :- Grinder stand I have seen some criticism of them from people who only have 1 grinder and it needs some setting up each time when grinder fitted - not bothered would leave 1 in full time. Clamping of work is poor & guide fence flimsy , but they...