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  1. Popshot

    Some ready made tadpole front wheels or delta rears Rim brakes only and 1/2" thru hub should just about do. I've nothing to do with the seller but found them and thought someone here may want them
  2. Popshot

    1938 Le Super Triporteur Cyclauto

    I came across this which got me thinking along these lines:- Key Yellow = steering tube Red = sprocket Blue dotted = chain Make it all much lighter and a decent seat. Get the gears in the proper positions on the handlebars rather than as suicide shifters and you can add any rear end of your...
  3. Popshot

    Project Drypod

    This thread will document my efforts to make a covered trike. The design brief is:- Practicality - it has to be easy to get in and out of, carry some shopping, be at least as comfortable as the average vehicle like this can be and keep the bulk of the weather off. It do not expect it to be as...
  4. Popshot

    Solid Tyres

    Has anyone got any experience of them? I've been looking at the Tannus range. I've read a few reviews but wondered if anyone here had anything to add. It's not much fun getting a puncture let alone carrying the repair kit and pump and hoping it doesn't get nicked whilst you pop into the shop. My...
  5. Popshot

    Sodding mail

    I'm stuck on my trike for the want of the noodles on the brakes to cable everything up. I need 7 of them due to the congestion on the bars and the local shop was never an option as they are shut these days. They should have been here Thursday. Last week I got a small parcel that took 9 days 1st...
  6. Popshot

    ThermHex structural plastic sheet

    I found a scrap of this.... .... in a skip yesterday. It is a single substance honeycombed plastic which after some trawling I believe to be called ThermHex. It's very light and very strong. This particular piece is 280mm long, 120mm wide, 5mm thick and deflects only 3mm with a 2kg load on...
  7. Popshot

    48V battery from eplb-c020 ?

    My garage roof isn't worth the name and is now a high priority for a new one so I've been pondering rather than building in the wet these last few weeks. These batteries have these specs.... ......and are used in some leccy cars. Is there any reason I should or shouldn't make a 13s1p battery...
  8. Popshot

    Weight watchers - a tale of lard.

    Not my dieting but the next trike's. Two wheels at almost opposite ends of the lard spectrum but both nominally 20" wheels although you'd hardly believe that from their size difference. A pair of the fatties with 203mm rotors and 20mm axles cripples the scales at a hefty 9.24kg. A pair of the...
  9. Popshot


    I came across this the other day whilst still pondering the Church Pod body on ebay mentioned in a post here. This seems like it could be easily adapted to a home build with no compound curves and a doddle to get in and out. I may even have a go at making something along these lines as my next...
  10. Popshot

    Velomobile body shell on ebay - £200 in Newport

    Not quite as it's designed as a body for a scooter powered trike like a Peel P50 but it could be useful to someone here. The main panel is 179cm x 94cm x 30cm. I reckon that it just about fits a typical person but doesn't leave enough room for a pedalling action so maybe a linear action. My...
  11. Popshot

    Cheap trike 20" wheels - UK Rim brakes only but 14mm axles and 48 spokes. I've nothing to do with the seller but thought some folk here may be interested. Certainly...
  12. Popshot

    Running two hydraulic discs from one lever

    I know I'm a fair way ahead of schedule on my trike here but with the weight so low down I do not expect this trike to want to tip at all under braking so I can make use of a rear brake. Also with so much rubber on the road I believe I can max the performance out of any set-up. To that aim I'd...
  13. Popshot

    Waterproof sub 10KG Velo shell for £75 or less

    An idea open for discussion and/or ridicule. Get one of these umbrellas:- A brief guestimate of sizes would suggest these brollys are about 30" wide. Unfortunately that makes the the wrong size to come inboard of the front wheels so you'd need to make a lightweight frame to make the edge...
  14. Popshot

    Flanged Split PTFE bearings

    Thought I'd put this here too as it really applies to a lot of potential builds and this type of bearing is simple and cheap. They're flanged split PTFE bearings and are just a quid or two each from ebay. They are 1mm thick so an 18mm o/d x 2mm wall tube will take a 14x12x7mm bearing and use a...
  15. Popshot

    Mambo"esque" trike

    Whilst waiting for a few bits for the SWB I decided I had enough bits to make a start on a new trike. I'm going to make a fat wheeled tadpole and was inspired by the Mambo. I like the use of his uprights to get the trike sitting so low but I'm less enamoured of the steering which just appears to...
  16. Popshot

    LHD for a motor for £0

    I've made the often repeated mistake of starting another project without finishing the last one. It's not the first and is unlikely to be the last time I do that. This one is for a trike with electric assist. I have an electric scooter with a 600w 24v system that is going to donate said system...
  17. Popshot

    Fat SWB started at last

    Made a first effort this weekend to start my SWB fat tyred two wheeler. The donor was secondhand but can't have covered more than a few hundred yards. All the flashing is still on the tyres and at least these tyres are not knobblies. I don't ride off road and hate using off road tyres - it's...
  18. Popshot

    Are regular 14mm axles high tensile or not?

    I ask as I have an idea to use moped wheels at the front of a tadpole trike. They effectively have a "fat" tyre at 110mm wide which will combine nicely with the old Kawasaki 1000cc rear and swing arm I possess for the rear. The 'ped wheels are only 12" (that's a proper 12" for the wheel only not...
  19. Popshot

    Adding a multi speed freewheel to a multi speed hub.

    I see on the 'net it's been done but no info on how or even a decent picture of it. Has anyone here any insight please? It'd be a neat solution to a low range for hillclimbing a 30kg trike.
  20. Popshot

    Has anyone used the long pedal spindle as an axle on a tadpole front?

    As per this link... ...has anyone actually used it and has the axle held up? I've seen a few made this way but no info on if they folded. It's essentially replacing a 3/8 axle with a long vintage pedal spindle. It makes manufacturing the front much easier but it's not exactly a 14mm let alone a...