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  1. FrankCrank

    Any down side to using 1" tube?

    Thanks. This was my mk2 trike, if I ever do a mk3 I might choose round tube for a real challenge, and yes, it's nice not having to paint :)
  2. FrankCrank

    Any down side to using 1" tube?

    Thanks for the mention Danny. Here's a couple of pics of my trike during build: As stated, 2"x1" stainless was used for the main sections, wall of sub 1mm. Reason I chose rectangular section was most loading is vertically. Additional struts added below seat area where most load applied, and...
  3. FrankCrank

    Mulin' Some H2O!

    Great looking machine, and nice colour - them dandelions won't see you coming
  4. FrankCrank

    As Popeye Said........ "I can't standz no more"

    Sounds like a nice and much needed project there Danny. Built a steel shed at my mum's not so long ago. Came delivered in a huge (and heavy) flatpack for assembly. Not the same as yours I know, and a bit smaller. Wanted something that was low maintenance once put up, so hopefully it fits the...
  5. FrankCrank

    Time flies when you are high!

    could use one of them to keep the feral dogs at a safe distance
  6. FrankCrank

    The "Covinator" - a Physical Distancing Enforcement Device (P-DED).

    Sounds like a little more refinement needed for domestic use. Reckon with you and NorthernWolf on the case, should be a winner ;)
  7. FrankCrank

    Ain't worth the risk....

    Have just learned of a friend back in Reading who has died of Covid-19. He had underlying health issues, but no one expected this. Brings it all a bit too close for comfort. Stay safe folks.
  8. FrankCrank

    Ain't worth the risk....

    Nice one Brad - gets the message home. Do you think the orange skinned fella next door will pay any heed? (n)
  9. FrankCrank

    Bored Last Summer.

    Yup, feeling like Groundhog Day here as well. Just fixed a puncture - even that seemed exciting :oops:
  10. FrankCrank

    Another DIY Chain Whip/Wrench

    My UK trip cancelled, hope to go in the Autumn, if poss. We're in lockdown mode here, wearing a mask outside of our house. Think the number of cases here are relatively low, maybe the climate helps as I'm hearing the virus don't like the heat. Trying to do little DIY projects to keep busy, but...
  11. FrankCrank

    Another DIY Chain Whip/Wrench

    Nice one Ed, gotta love home made tools. Here's my chain whip: Handle is from one of those stands that convert a hand drill into a drill press, which was useless.
  12. FrankCrank

    Working From Home?

    Had to cancel my Spring trip to UK, too risky with my mum and MiL to consider. Hadn't done any welding in ages, so decided to spark up and make a bike clamp: First, a section cut from an old kiddies bike The rest from scraps I had lying around And with my R20 clamped in to test it out...
  13. FrankCrank

    Anyone own one of these ?

    Good for repetition cuts on small diameter tubes, for one-off projects not much use. Haven't used mine in a long while.
  14. FrankCrank

    Sometimes you just need 4000 volts!

    ..................I'm reminded of those old Hammer Horror films for some reason........
  15. FrankCrank

    Sometimes you just need 4000 volts!

    .....heard you can make them into a stick welder too....
  16. FrankCrank

    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    ....wishing you a full recovery Mr Graucho, and thanks for this amazing thread.......(y)
  17. FrankCrank

    Flat pack Velomobile ?

    ....chain's a bit slack.....
  18. FrankCrank

    New Year's Greetings to all!

    We got some white powdery stuff over this way too...... All the best for 2020 🆒