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    Python touring tandem trike

    The frame is slowly coming together. I started with the rear box and boom all from 40 x 40 x 1.5. it's in two pieces Inside the holes on the boom is welded m8 nuts so a bearing box can be bolted on top of the frame, which will also hold the frame parts together. The rear frame is 900mm...
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    Python touring tandem trike

    I think the opposite, having a longer distance between the rod ends makes my front end move easier and therefore be more likely to "twitch". Mine is harder to learn to ride than Paul's but ones you are use to it is no problem, you only feel the twitchyness when you go past 20mph. This python...
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    Python touring tandem trike

    I will design the to the pivot as my first python, using a 80 x 40 x 3 rectangular tube cut into 2 U pieces, the different on my first design compared to yours is that I sandwiched each rod end. (picture from the archive) This time I'm going square, using 40 x 40 x 1.5 for the main boom.
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    Python touring tandem trike

    I have contemplated the reason why my python is twitchy and yours isn't, having very similar angels and setup. The main difference is that I made the distance between the rod ends longer than you, if i remember right, yours was about 8cm and mine about 12cm, a difference of 1,5. So according to...
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    Python touring tandem trike

    Yes, but only one wheel.
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    Python touring tandem trike

    So I started another project. A python touring tandem trike, a spin off from my python suitcase bike. The concept is: a covered storage box over the rear wheels which can hold 100+ liters of camping gear, the stoker on top/inside the storage box and with a python front end. The trike is made of...
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    Python suitcase trike

    I will build the suitcase python, but not just now. I only draw in 2D so the design is not as clear as in 3D, but I will see what I can do. The tandem will be build in a similar way as the suitcase python, just longer and not as much collapsible.
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    Python suitcase trike

    So after a long thought, the bought suitcase is out, and a purpose built suitcase is in. It's also smaller 75 x 54 x 30 I have done some CADing. This was my first concept. And from behind It didn't lock right so take 2. Have the suitcase in the other direction ant the wheels inside the...
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    Aluminum framed fat tire beach quad with lots of storage capacity.

    If its bolt together aluminum frames you are after, have a look at this For more inspirations and building manuals check out the "parkcycle swarm"
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    Help finding shaft collars ?

    Single or double split, outside 34mm, Imperial outside 1 1/4"
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    This any interest ? a trike camper plans [ I think ]

    xyz spaceframe spin off Tough ride in head wind
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    2wd rear of delta or quad + suspension - will it work ?

    Do I understand you wright, you are using the large core plug and bearing to stop the freewheel unscrewing itself? I can't see why it wouldn't work.
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    Mambo"esque" trike, the resurrection

    I've been working on the steering, but I'm not pleased with my work so far. First I tried a 30 x 15 tube, I didn't like the look of it and how it's fitted to the kingpin, then I tried a angle iron I had laying around, Better, but it is acceptable? Is it to long? The ackerman is slightly...
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    lifepo4 battery pack

    I did a quick check on the cell voltage and it's constant 3.26v and a few 3.27v, haven't checked all yet. There is only a few BMS for lifepo4 12s configuration available on ebay uk, so I'm locking at this one...
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    lifepo4 battery pack

    I just got 24 lifepo4 32650 cells, 3.2v and 6Ah each. They suppose to last longer and be safer than li-ion. My thought is to build a 12s2 battery pack which gives me 38.4v and just under 12Ah. It's my first time building a battery pack, so I bought cells with screw terminals. Most of times I...
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    First Post

    Maddox, Is this general for all midmotors or specific for Bafang?
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    QBX quads off roading , real extreme riding on a MTB track

    Rear fixed axle? only one discs makes both rear wheel brake? so only god for off road? Extremely high steering, hit a dead stop and goodbye teeth. Otherwise interesting.