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    Opinions Wanted... AZ Subscription Based Mega Plan Site!

    A donate button has no shame if it allows a community surrounding a project to keep on existing and thriving. The folks at Bay12Games have been running off from donations for years for their labor of love (Dwarf Fortress), getting enough to allow them to make it a full time job. In the end the...
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    Argh! It's the April 12th Snow Curse... again!

    If you like snow it's a nice scenery, but I wouldn't want May snow
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    Ahoy from the Pinetree state

    With my suggestion post revealing plans for a yard tractor I'll hold off on doing a purchase quite yet; however, I feel like I should share what I currently use to do some of the work the tractor could easily replace First up is a heavy duty baby stroller that was made for two children...
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    Menu issue

    I've noticed an issue where if the site isn't loaded it won't load the menu, but it allows me to cancel out of the menu if I hit the menu button again. I never had it freeze where I couldn't cancel out of the menu to wait for the site to load again.
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    Human Powered -cycle Tractor

    I'll have to assure you that my post was quite incidental. When you mentioned you'd be working on new designs for the yard along with workout machines earlier this year it was one of the first things I thought would be useful and fit the bill. Too bad I've always had middling luck with the...
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    Human Powered -cycle Tractor

    What would be interesting is a sturdy tractor that can be peddled around to move reasonably heavy objects around the yard. Depending on the functionality you could have the tool ran by a hand-crank or attached to the foot-crank that moves the tractor (with the ability to disengage it). With...
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    Ahoy from the Pinetree state

    Okay so I think I have a good list of what I want to buy: Timberwolf for the rear suspension delta trike design. StreetFighter for the front steering design with overseat steering hookup away from the wheels Warrior for a lower tadpole racing trike, front steering design with underseat steering...
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    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    The fat-tire quad looks pretty interesting for an upright
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    Ahoy from the Pinetree state

    I've been visiting this site off and on for the past couple years after I've taken a renewed interest in using my bike more. A few years ago I would've replaced my decent 2 wheeled bike from a department store I have had since early highschool with another one, but at the same price point it was...