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    DIY Electric Tractor and Dump Trike!

    That's a great video to show off the utility of the Mule. Great concept, design and build!
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    So What's The Deal With Runners?

    I used to run and always said hi to passers by, even cyclists. I've ran in Canada and the UK, and found that "city folk" were far less friendly that the ones I met in small towns.
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    head tube weld distortion

    I've done a few of these now, and have never had a problem. The bearings do not see significant load or speed, so any minor misalignment from welding is inconsequential.
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    I think he would fit in here quite well

    Probably the best tack that he's ever done! (My best tacks are the ones that I always have to take apart) I suspect that this is a set up though, still funny though.
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    Opinions Wanted... AZ Subscription Based Mega Plan Site!

    In terms of generating more revenue, my thought is that perhaps the 6 for $36 purchase could make you an "AZ plan subscriber", with the privilege of then being able to get more plans at a discount price. Another possibility would be to market AZ decals for builders to stick on their creations...
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    spoke help for warrior style front wheels

    All the spokes that I have bought have come threaded. I used an online spoke length calculator and then ordered what I needed. Spoke thread dies and the associated equipment to use them is probably not worth the expense unless you are building a lot of wheels.
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    The Search for Shangri-La, Nirvana aka "The Perfect Python Pivot" aka the PPP

    Interesting project. All of the trailers that I have owned use opposed taper roller bearings for the axles. The bearings are not "preloaded", rather the axle nuts are fastened finger tight (after torquing is done to seat the bearings, and then untorqued) and locked with a split pin or a...
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    anyone seen this video ? so your ship is to small ?

    Sounds like what they basically did to get the Boeing 737 max. That didn't work out so well. When I worked in the UK, we cut out the middle of a submarine and welded in new section. Sometimes it floated, sometimes it sunk, but that was by design.
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    DIY Electric Tractor and Dump Trike!

    ATV's are great for personal transport, hunting, and of course, for looking cool!
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    DIY Electric Tractor and Dump Trike!

    This looks great Brad! What a smart idea, and an excellent build. I'm surprised that this idea hasn't been pursued by one of the big utility vehicle manufacturers, like John Deere. Perhaps they don't think that they could sell a slower moving version. They'd have to put 4 wheels on it after all...
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    DIY Electric Tractor and Dump Trike!

    Very professional build! Looking forward to seeing a video of the first loaded test run.
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    Adding a multi speed freewheel to a multi speed hub.

    When I was a teen in Devon, I saw it done a few times when I visited the big city (Barnstaple!) I think that you needed parts from a Sturmey Archer three or four speed hub that had the built in dynohub or drum brake in order to get the spindle length.
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    Carbon Fiber?

    This is one of the best homebuilt carbon fibre trikes that I have seen. However, I don't think that the site is updated anymore.
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    DIY Electric Tractor and Dump Trike!

    Have to make sure that you don't crack your noggin against that box frame!
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    DIY Electric Tractor and Dump Trike!

    Great looking ride with a nice turning circle. Now load this baby up!