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    12 YEARS of Zombiedom!

    Although here it looks l joined in Feb of 2008, I actually joined on June 25, 2007, on an earlier version of AZ. Somehow my original join date got lost in the transfer to the newest version of the forum. So, as of this past June 25, I've actually been a member for 13 years!!! And counting...
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    Overview of a Rhoades car drive axle setup (Positraction rear drive axle)

    Honestly, I never had it off. It was delivered by a tractor-trailer, fully assembled, & strapped to a skid. But looking at the pics, it looks like it would've come off simply by removing that big axle nut in the center. I only kept it for about a year, if memory serves, & sold it around the...
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    Overview of a Rhoades car drive axle setup (Positraction rear drive axle)

    Okay, this is probably not gonna be of much help, cause even though I owned one with disc brakes, it was probably close to 20 years ago, & I only have 2 pics of the drivetrain: Sorry. Best I can do. ***
  4. Knowa Zark II

    Knowa Zark II

  5. #24 - KnowaZark 2.jpg

    #24 - KnowaZark 2.jpg

    My 24th homebuilt, Knowa Zark II (2010-2020). Started work on this one in 2010, got approximately 90% finished, & shelved it for 10 years, due to unforeseen circumstances. FINALLY finished it in 2020!
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    EASY RACERS SUN EZ-1 for sale!

    Paul, yeah, I like it real well, so much in fact, that I actually have TWO, just alike! I still have a total of about 11 bikes, so I have to let a couple more of 'em go. Right now I'm trying to sell this one, & my "Top Banana" bike, too. After that, who knows? I'm thinking about putting the...
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    EASY RACERS SUN EZ-1 for sale!

    Thinning the herd again. I have two of these. Don't need two. $350 More pics available if interested. Thanx! :) ***
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    Cost of building

    Chucko, you're right about one thing. The welding. If you can do all the prep work yourself, there's nothing wrong with hiring out just the welding itself, at least initially. That's what I did on my first one. I had everything ready, & had a guy weld it all together for me. That's all he did...
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    Cost of building

    Probably end up costing you more than a factory-built trike, & end up with a heavier trike sporting lower quality paint & finish. Probably. IMO. I'd suggest (if possible) investing your money in a welder & a few other tools, & learn how to build it yourself! You'll be glad you did! :) ***
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    Revamping one of my deltas

    Fantastic! Nice work on the curvatures! Looks like it would be super comfy! Great job of re-purposing & recycling, too! What a great idea using the zero-G stuff! :) ***
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    Steel Furniture: My first Piece!

    But that's one of Murphy's Laws... "Stuff expands to fill available space". :LOL: ***
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    Electric Warrior tip

    Superb craftsmanship! Just magnificent! (y) ***
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    Revamping one of my deltas

    Impressive! Love the seat! (y) ***
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    What do you do with your first build?

    It's probably rare that anyone would be 100% satisfied with their very first build, & decide to keep it forever. I gave my first one to a friend for helping me out. Recycling the parts into a better project is also an option, as others have mentioned. ***
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    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    DANG, bro! 😱 You're right, I didn't ask for it, but thanx for putting me in the spotlight. Can't believe you featured everything I finished (I think)! I'm truly flattered! 😁 That'll show these johnnny-come-lately, young whippersnappers, doggone 'em! 🤣 ***