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  1. My version of a tadpole trike

    My version of a tadpole trike

    Not fast but cool to ride for this 71 year old
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    20” front x 26” rear
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    20” x 2.25” front 26” x 2.25” rear
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    I have a little just over 12 miles on it, So far everything is going well!
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    18 speed 3 x 6
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    Steer Fox

    Thanks Tom I think I got it now. Ron
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    Steer Fox

    Ok this will be another apparently stupid question by me. I have my Street Fox cut welded & painted. Now I need to put a chain on it. Instructions are not very clear other than , it’s time to put your chain on? Does anyone out there have any easy to follow instructions on how to get the proper...
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    Chain pulley guide

    Thank you for your thought. Because of my front seat configuration it looked to me that I would need to float the pulley. I will take your thoughts & decide what I will do. Thanks again. Ron
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    Chain pulley guide

    Has anyone tried floating pulley in the Street Fox? ,the pulley could float in & out from the main frame as you shift (in my case) 3 gears in the front pedal derailed. ??? Just a thought. Ron
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    Front wheels Street Fox

    Looking for front 20” wheels 36 to 48 spoke with 9/16”,(14mm). I have a few questions,#1- can you use rear wheels, just take off sprocket. #2- what kind off wheel would I buy that I could change the axle from 3/8 to 9/16 , if that would even be possible? #3- I know there are wheels out there...
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    That is what I was looking for. I wasn’t sure I was missing something, caster & center line angles are set at the same time with basically the fish mouth you would cut & grind in the ends of the cross Beam. Thanks for your answer Ron
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    I don’t really understand the directions on the street fox ? Could be me but are both the center line steering & the camber done at this point