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    Apparently this is pedaled on pavements !

    Steampunk electric velocar. Nicely done! Do you have a link to the builder's site? Brad
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    What about this for the 21st centuary ?

    Can you just imagine the chaos that would follow hitting even the smallest pothole as Nojax fully rotates under the car and creates a "pole vault" scenario or simply crashes through the floor into the car.
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    Got a load of exelent plans!

    Thanks for your support, look forward to seeing your projects. We like photos here! Brad
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    Warrior Trike Build Thread

    Great work, cheers! Brad
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    hot rod golf cart

    Here are my calcs from the YardMule. It has a jackshaft and a differential, so maybe this can help? My resulting speed was bang on. All based on this configuration... The goal of this exercise is to create a jackshaft gear reduction system that will convert the high rotational speed of your...
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    Tomahawk test ride

    Nice work! Glad you have found tweaks to make it feel better. Soon it will feel like an extension of your body! At first, it took me a while to get used to this style as well (SWB), but I was doing no hands on mine after a few days. Please keep this thread going, especially when the paint is...
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    Others bikes throughout the world•DIY Freakshow

    The pedal hotrods are great! Reminds me of the amazing beast that Ed is working on. Brad
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    Bizarre trike ? strangest found so far in 2021 ?

    Absolute genius! Pivots in such a way as to provide identical steering to a standard headtube. FWD allows use of full size wheel. Ride is probably perfect. I would have to say this is one of the first real innovations in cycling I have seen in decades!!! Brad
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    AZ RedNeck Pool!

    We decided to find a way to cool off in this heatwave... Atomic RedNeck Style! The DIY pool worked out so well that now it has a solar fountain, edge liner and will soon be getting drink holders, adjustable seating, a night time bug screen, and a small deck!
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    Camper for my trike build.

    Great design, thanks for posting. Brad
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    hot rod golf cart

    That tiny bike with the massive rear hubmotor in the background must be a blast to ride!
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    This had me chuckling like a lunatic. :ROFLMAO:

    "I can fill that in"..... oh yeah, don't we know it!