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    28"(or 700c) rear wheel in Warrior?

    When I built my Warrior it used the 700C rear wheel with a heavy hub motor. The first issue was the length of the rear wheel arms. I had followed the plans but the 700C was larger in diameter so a new set of longer arms was called for. No big deal just a bit more cutting, grinding and welding...
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    aurora delta

    Yes Sir Joey I do like it as much as I imagined. It does not have a lot of ground clearance so I,m careful about the path I take but it is easy to mount and dismount. The real surprising detail is how far it can go without using much battery power. The other day a friend and I went for a 65 km...
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    Horizontal bicycle plans - a question

    My 2 cents added re electric assist. As mentioned the plans were designed a few years ago and adding electric assist puts an additional stress on frames, etc so you might consider adding a few gusset's. I went through this on my Warrior which needed some bracing after it was built due to stress...
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    What's Your Other Talent?

    The trailer was insulated because I used it in early winter. Dimensions 8' long a bit over 5' wide with an interior height of around 5'6". The tires were 31" and the jeep had 35"tires. Notice the 45 degree angle at the back, that allowed me to pull the trailer up and over or down a 3' drop, not...
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    What's Your Other Talent?

    For me it's always been building things not commonly available. From a double kayak to several jeeps and a small trailer i could take off road. I,ve included a picture of a 1947 jeep I restored, never did drive it though, the motor went and I had spent enough on it. Also a picture of a jeep...
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    aurora delta

    Thank you and yes our snow has gone although it is in the forecast for some areas west of us tonight I think. The trike has a 48V Tongsheng motor that uses torque assist system. It took some fiddling around with but once the motor was dialed in it worked very well. Plus with those 20" wheels it...
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    aurora delta

    It's not completely finished yet but enough that it could be taken for a short ride in the back lane. It needs a few tweaks and some finishing touches but considering it was like most projects here built from scratch it worked surprisingly well
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    Project Drypod

    I will for sure be watching this build with a lot of interest. Your plans sound a lot like what I was aiming for when I built my fat covered trike. Good luck on the build.
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    Tire wear

    I have been using Schwalbe marathon plus 20" tires on the front of my Warrior trike for 3 years. It had a hub rear motor so I do have an idea of the mileage on them. So far about 3000 km's. I have dismantled the Warrior to make an Aurora delta trike and those tires will now be on the 2 rear...
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    Tadpole/ foot safety

    You can see one of my my homemade heel straps in this picture. A piece of flat aluminum bent so my shoe fits inside. One benefit is the weight meant when getting on the pedal was always sitting in an easy position for my foot. Disregard the coroplast, it was me just fooling around with different...
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    Weather protection on a Fat Delta with body

    Stormbird you would be correct. The biggest difference warmer weather has brought has been a greatly increased range. I suspect it's due to a couple of factors, one being bearings etc rolling easier when not below freezing. Plus the batteries I carry in back prob like the milder weather as well.
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    Weather protection on a Fat Delta with body

    You know I took my camera along to get some pictures but then since I was so nice and dry while it was raining outside I just figured nah, not stepping outside. It's supposed to rain again Friday, I'll go again and get a couple shots
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    Weather protection on a Fat Delta with body

    I was waiting for a rain day to test out the coro body on my trike and got a good one a coupe days ago. First some specs, it's a Delta style adapted loosely from the Loderunner plan's. It has three 26" by 4" tires. The drivetrain uses a jackshaft to route the power from the center over to the...
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    Thinking ahead to a future trike build

    There is another reason for a Delta for me at least, I made 2 different body enclosures for my Warrior tadpole and was not really satisfied with either one. My first Delta was the big blue coroplast version on 3 fat tires and for me it was far easier to design and build a body for the Delta...