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    Anyone own one of these ?

    No but I'm building one from this video...
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    good work

    I printed the plans out and take a look at the pic of the trike and I understand what you was taking about no I will not use the tiller like it the pic I will use the link type steering...
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    good work

    Look at the pic it's not like the tricruiser winter trike... Its like the tourmaster frame this the front of the tricruiser....Thank you for the answer I have the plans for the tricruiser and the tourmaster
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    looking for
  5. lwb trike2.jpg

    lwb trike2.jpg

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    download (3).jpg

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    good work

    good work on the plans for TM oss...I was on the web looking for plans for trikes before I order the plans for the TM OSS and i for this pic it look something like the TM OSS dose anyone the plans for this or doise any think like i do a mod TM OSS frame would work..... the pic will not post...
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    I build bike trailer after looking at the Warrior I would suggest welding a bracket around back wheel and build a trailer for for it....I would also suggest that you find a copy of the book The CART Book with plans and projects by William L. Sullival I would look to your local library if they...